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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Neverwinter  |  Return to Ember  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Ruins of Arvahn  |  Ammon Jerro's Haven

Neverwinter:   Docks District  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Blacklake District  |  Temple of Lathander  |  Collectors Mansion Level 1  |  Collectors Mansion Level 2  |  Bryce Crypt

Merchant Quarter, Act II

Merchant Quarter Act II Map

  1. Axle Deivre’s Office. Axle will put you in touch with Sir Edmund Cabari, who accepts you as a squire so that you can postpone Luskan vengeance by benefiting form Neverwinter high justice instead. This means undergoing the vigil.

    When you’re finished, Axle has another job for you. It involves an estate at #10 of the Blacklake District. Your job is to purchase supplies so that the thieves can recover, at as low a price as you can manage. This involves applying a number of skill checks in the course of your negotiations, like Appraise, Spellcraft, etc. At the end of it though, your supplier is an undercover agent, and a fight with members of the City Watch is inevitable.  Come to Axle for a gold reward and 1,000xp.

  2. City Watch Headquarters, where you’ll meet up with Breilana. Breilana has a job for you, which is the flip side of Axle’s quest. This time you’re the undercover agent putting a sting on the Shadow Thieves. The idea is to negotiate a deal and not apply an arrest until goods and money have actually changed hands. A variety of skill checks such as Appriase, Bluff and Diplomacy make this much easier. Pulling it off means receiving 7,500gp and 300xp.  In the end, a fight is inevitable. Limm, their leader, leaves behind a Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Law, a Dagger +3 and Rogue Links. Some of the other Shadow Thieves will leave behind Shurikens +2.

    Also here is Sir Grayson Corrett, who accepts you as a squire in order to avoid Luskan vengeance and be temporarily protected by Neverwinter high justice.  The game procceds to the vigil.

  3. Deekin, with the same wares.

  4. The Moonstone Mask.

  5. Entrance to the Temple of Tyr.

  6. Pap, who sells the same wares.

  7. World Map Transitions

The Vigil

If Qara is in your party, you’ll be treated to a cinematic as the details of the plot of vengeance between Jahric and the Luskan mage become clearer.

Animus ElementalThe Vigil

In any event, you must now spend a night alone in the Glade of Solace. Shandra plays with the rules and joins you, providing you with opportunities to gain or lose influence with her. In any event, three Luskan Assassins attack you. Shandra picks up the Strange Ring which will be of significance afterwards. With the Vigil ended, it is now time to head towards Port Llast with the purpose of finding out the truth of what happened at Ember. Including Sand in your party for this part of the game is obligatory.
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