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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Bryce Crypt

Bryce Crypt Map

This area marks your first direct conflict with servants of your ultimate enemy, the King of Shadow. Undead and Shadow Initiates, either Clerics or Monks, abound in the Crypt.

  1. Exit to the Blacklake District.

  2. Here come on the partygoers, who make it clear that they don’t appreciate your presence. A distant scream confirms obvious suspicions even further.

  3. Here is where the partygoers turn on you, some of them capable of casting spells. Vera leaves behind a Ring of Protection +2 and the Worn Key, which opens the door on the east side of the room.

  4. Here you’ll find a Luckstone inside a trapped Sarcophagus.

  5. A trapped chest here holds a Full Plate +1 and a Mirror Shield.

  6. Here you’ll find some Shadow Initiates, with Raven and Savanna being among them. You can talk Savanna out of things with Diplomacy. Raven however beckons the others to attack. If you keep Savanna safe, you’ll get 900xp. Raven leaves behind Bracers of Armor +2 and the Bryce Tomb Key, which opens the door to the west and facing south.

  7. ArvalHere you’ll have your confrontation with the leader of the cult, Arval. This fight can be tough. Arval is a powerful cleric who includes spells such as Word of Faith in his arsenal.  He has many Monks to help him, and once they surround your party, reaching him can be very difficult. Buff up as much as you can, Haste included. Start combat by plastering as many as you can with area effect spells to begin with. If you can manage it, try to plant a powerful summoned creature next to Arval right away. The idea is to keep him occupied and have something to try and disrupt his spellcasting since you can’t reach him right away. Once the monks close in, have a spellcaster pound Arval with spells like Magic Missile and Flame Arrow while your fighters go to work on the Monks.

    Arval will leave behind a Cloak of Fortification +2 and Marvellous Artefects for the Resistance of Sorcery. Search the nearby room. On the table you’ll find Arval’s Journal. The chest contains a Darksteel Ingot and a Star Sapphire.

    Speak to Lisbet Bryce. She’ll intone an incantation that causes the cult members you’ve just slain to rise as Greater Shadows. Fire works well if you can manage it effectively. Speak to Lisbet again, and she’ll inform you that the rest of the cult members you’ve slain will also have arisen as Greater Shadows, so you’ve got plenty more fighting to do on your way out. Lisbet now joins your party as a temporary companion. If you can get her out safely to Kyli Bruce, you’ll get 300gp and 2,000xp
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