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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Castle Never and Neverneath  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Gathering Allies  |  Silver Sword  |  The War  |  King of Shadows

Castle Never and Neverneath

Castle Never Map

Neverneath Map

  1. Vampires Castle NeverUpon completing the knighting ceremony you’re given a Neverwinter Knight’s Cloak and a Ceremonial Sword of Neverwinter. The ceremony is however interrupted by a Shadow Reaver who brings a lot of Wraiths and a couple of Vampires to assault the Court. As previously mentioned, it helps plenty to have a disrupting weapon and an item that protects against energy drain. One of your foes will drop Peasant’s Dynasty.

  2. Once it’s over, Sir Nevalle obliges you to enter this room.  It’s a chance for you to rest up.  Ivarr the Blessed is also here, who offers you healing.

  3. There’s no opening these doors, so don’t sweat it.

  4. Here you’ll fight two Vampire Champions.

  5. Here is where you fight several Shadow Priests. If your PC has got area effect spells, use them generously. If your PC doesn’t have spells, something you may want to try is luring one out away from the others one at a time. Another idea is to position yourself so that you’re in the midst of them all. Then as they start casting, try tossing out flask type weapons to try and disrupt their spellcasting.

  6. A tapestry that reveals a secret door leading to Neverneath.

  7. Once you’ve taken the stairs, you’ll arrive here. You’ll basically be traveling along a lengthy hallway, where you’ll see a series of statues that ask you questions. If you answer the question wrong, a side door opens where you’ll have to fight Neverneath Guardians and come back into the hallway through a side tunnel. In terms of experience and reward, it is more worth your time to answer each question correctly. 200xp for answering each question correctly.

  8. The answer to this statue’s question is ‘nine’.

  9. The answer to this statue’s question is ‘Black Lake’.

  10. The answer to this statue’s question is ‘Neverwinter River’.

  11. The answer to this statue’s question is ‘Say Nothing’.

  12. The answer to this statue’s question is ‘Three’.

  13. To progress, this statue requires you to swear fealty to Neverwinter, whether or not you do so honestly.

  14. Here you’ll find Lord Halrueth’s Tomb. It is surrounded by several spinning swords. If you incorrectly answered any of the previous questions, they’ll rush to attack you. Otherwise, they’ll be neutral.

    There are a number of chests along the sides of the tomb. Among them, you’ll find Wizard’s Alley and the Mirrored Armor.

    The Tomb is in the centre of the room. If you approach the tomb through the gap in the swords at the north end, you’ll be able to approach safely. You’ll get 1,000xp for doing so. Inside the tomb you’ll find Blessing of the Daystar if you answered the previous questions correctly. You’ll also find the Rod of Never.

    On your way out, it will be noted that this will be another location of interest to Guyven of the Road and get 100xp.

  15. Stairs leading up to #16.

  16. Where you wind up if you took the stairs at #15.

  17. Here you’ll find a Shadow Reaver trying to assassinate Lord Nasher. Don’t bother with it, and simply click on Lord Nasher. You’ll end up transferring the Rod of Never to Lord Nasher and the Reaver flees. You’ll now become an official Knight of Neverwinter, and become a member of the Neverwinter Nine. This means that it is now open to you to select the Neverwinter Nine as a prestige class if you so desire. You’ll also receive the Neverwinter Nine Tunic.

    Everbody now finds themselves back at Crossroad Keep.
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