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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Castle Never and Neverneath  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Gathering Allies  |  Silver Sword  |  The War  |  King of Shadows

The War:   Roadside Attack  |  Shandra Jerros Farm  |  Crossroad Keep Outskirts  |  The Siege

The Beginning of the War

Now its time to head back to Crossroad Keep and speak to Sir Nevalle. Callum is apparently in trouble with a Shadow Reaver and Blade Golems on his heels. And this brings you to a roadside near the Keep. Ammon Jerro’s presence will be necessary.

Crossroad Keep Roadside Map

1.This is where your party starts out.
2.Here is where you’ll find Callum and some Highcliff soldiers under attack by the Blade Golems. The cutscene ends with Callum dying at the hands of the Golems after the Shadow Reaver revives them. Now it’s your turn. Each of the Golems will be infused with the ability to inflict a specific type of energy damage (e.g. acid, fire, sonic, etc.). Have Ammon keep a safe distance and begin reciting the True Name spell on the Reaver. Meanwhile have the rest of your party go to work on the Golems. Once Ammon completes the recitation, go full throttle after the Reaver. It will leave behind a Ring of Power, The Golem’s Blade and the Tome of Iltkazar.Callum in trouble
3. Leads back to Crossroad Keep.

The BattleOnce you’re back in the Keep, bring the Tome back to Aldazar back for 500xp, and to progress the story. Speak to Sir Nevalle, and eventually the dialogue leads to a battle between the forces of Neverwinter and the undead legions of the King of Shadows. Lord Nasher is wounded, Neverwinter loses the battle, and the survivors are forced to retreat to Crossroad Keep.

Speak to Sir Nevalle again. At some point, you’ll have to “talk to your men” in anticipation of the coming siege. If you want to make any upgrades to your Keep and so on, this is your last chance to do so. 

There is one more possible quest to do before dealing with the siege. Enter the Keep itself, and Aldanon will inform you that Ammon has gone missing. Bishop will not be shedding any tears over this, but he of course does not pass up on the chance to prove he can track the warlock down. If you don’t want to bother looking for Ammon, you can simply speak to Sir Nevalle again to cut straight to the attack on the outskirts of the Keep. Otherwise, Shandra Jerro’s farm will now appear on your world map.
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