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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Castle Never and Neverneath  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Gathering Allies  |  Silver Sword  |  The War  |  King of Shadows

King of Shadows:   Vale of Merdelain  |  Inner Sanctum

The Vale of Merdelain

Vale of Merdelain Map

This area is loaded with undead of every sort. There’s also a lot of corpses here from which can be looted a lot of minor treasures and items, which by now can be insignificant. There’s also no resting in this area, since if you try you’ll be beset by undead, typically Wraiths and Vampires.

  1. This is where the party finds itself. Neeshka has evidently disappeared. Ammon Jerro and Zhjaeve are now obligatory. At his point, you can also select two other companions to be with you. In this room you will get attacked by a lot of Bone Spiders. They aren’t particularly tough, but there’s a lot of them.

  2. A trapped and locked door.

  3. In this room you’ll have to fight a lot of Dread Wraiths and Skeletal Archers.

  4. A black fog that will transport you to #5.

  5. Here is where you end up after entering the black fog at #4.

  6. If you sent Daerrad and his pals on one too many adventures, here is you’ll have to fight them as undead spirits.

  7. In this room, you’ll have to fight a lot of Blade Golems.

  8. A black fog that will transport you to #9.

  9. Where you end up after entering the black fog at #8. You’ll get attacked by a lot of Greater Shadows.

  10. Here is where the party has to kill another Nightwalker.

  11. Here the party will have to fight a couple of Shadow Priests, quite a few Vampires, and a Lich. If there’s a place to be using your high level area effect spells, here it is.

  12. Another black fog which takes you to #13.

  13. Here you’ll get attacked by a lot of Mummy Lords.

  14. Here is where you’ll face three Shadow Reavers. The green one who talks to you can dish out devastating damage with melee attacks, and will come after your foremost character right away. I recommend having at least Stoneskin and Regeneration on that character. Have Ammon or Zhjaeve recite True Name as soon as you can manage. Another Reaver will be at your rear. Have one of your fighters go after this one to hold him. Ammon or Zhjaeve can then recite the True Name on him. Another Reaver will be to the northwest of the green one. Have somebody summon a powerful creature or two just across the waterway to your left in order to hold this one up until you can get to him. Once the first two fall, then its his turn. The Reavers will leave behind a Staff of Power, a Venom Halberd +2, and an Amulet of Will +6.

  15. Here is the entrance to the Inner Sanctum.
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