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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Silver Sword:   Nolaloth's Valley  |  Silver Sword

Nolaloth's Valley

Nolaloths Valley Map

Once in a while you’ll run into an Elder Earth Elemental. With a full party this shouldn’t be too much trouble as long as you can pick up with a heavily damaged party member with Heal or such. Zhjaeve’s presence will be obligatory, while Ammon Jerro cannot for reasons that will become obvious.

1.World Map Transition.
2. The fall of the dragon apparently left quite the impression on the land. The path that you followed marks the tail. And here you find a wide bowl shaped valley marking the torso. In the middle is the Crystal Heart, which radiates powerful energy. Approach it and you’ll end up fighting two Greater Water Elementals.Crystal Heart
3. Another vein of ore to report to your miners.
4. Here you’ll find a large cavity complete with a waterfall that marks the head of the great crystal dragon, Nolaloth. Nolaloth’s spirit shows up and explains his situation. After his defeat by the King of Shadows, the Illefarn empire bound his spirit to the Prime Material Plane with the promise of restoring him. Unfortunately, when Illefarn also fell to the King of Shadows, the means of restoring Nolaloth went with them. He also harbours a certain disdain for Ammon Jerro, who tried to play him with lies. With some patience, Nolaloth will reveal that reforming the Silver Sword of Gith requires an act of will where it had been shattered. That place is the scar in your home village, West Harbor. The Ruins of Arvahn will now appear again on your World Map, since the Song Portal provides the safest means of reaching West Harbor. You’ll get 1,000xp for discovering the means of restoring the Sword. Nolaloth in the meantime has a request for you, to end his ‘life’ permanently by shattering the crystal heart.Nolaloth
When you return to the Crystal Heart, click on it and choose ‘Attack It.’  This will prompt two Black Dragons to attack you, that combine powerful physical attacks with spellcasting and a breath weapon that involves a highly damaging stream of acid. If you can manage it, have Energy Immunity: Acid cast on everybody beforehand. Buff up as usual. Another good idea is conjure up a few summoned creatures to tie one dragon down and then go to work on the other. The dragons will leave behind quite a hefty amount of booty, including:

A King’s Tear gem
Dragon’s Blood
The Sly Blade
Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals
Greater Necklace of Fireballs
2 Amulets of Natural Armor +4
2 Rings of Elemental Resistance
Once that is done, you can ‘bash’ the Crystal Heart to destroy it. You’ll get 2,000xp for laying Nolaloth to rest. Now it is time to remake the Sword.Black Dragons
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