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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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The War:   Roadside Attack  |  Shandra Jerros Farm  |  Crossroad Keep Outskirts  |  The Siege

Ammon Jerro visits Shandra Jerro's Farm

Shandra Jerro's Farm Map

  1. World Map Transition.

  2. Koraboros RevengeHere you’ll find Ammon Jerro standing by himself in the field. That is until an ‘old friend’ shows up, Koraboros the Pit Fiend. Koraboros taunts Ammon for his role in Shandra’s death and makes plain his intent to avenge himself upon Ammon for imprisoning him within the Haven. When he notices you, he intents to drag you to Baator/Hell as well. He immediately summons two Horned Devils to help him. Don’t bother with the Horned Devils, since if you let him, Koraboros will summon more help non-stop and this can lead to you getting easily overwhelmed. Go straight for Koraboros and he should fall under a sustained melee assault. The Pit Fiend will leave behind a Staff of the Magi.

    Once the battle begins, another conversation with Ammon begins. A central point in the conversation is whether you can convince him to be remorseful for the death of Shandra, among other things. The critical part is whether you can convince him that you knew more about Shandra and commanded more of her loyalty than he assumes you did. This depends on making a successful influence check with Shandra. If you succeed, you’ll be able to convince Ammon to be remorseful for his past. When that happens, Ammon will ask for a sign of forgiveness from Shandra. It appears in the form of Shandra’s Pendant.

  3. If you don’t succeed in convincing Ammon to be remorseful, he’ll crack open this crate and pull out Balafour’s Gnashing Rod. If you did succeed, you can smash open this crate and pull out the rod yourself.

  4. Here you’ll find a scarecrow. If you wish to find the booty here you’ll need to make one of two checks. ‘Examine the scarecrow’ involves an Intelligence check of at least 16. ‘Examine the ground’ involves a Spot or Search skill of at least 16. If you succeed at either check, you’ll unearth a couple of chests. They hold the Spellchain, The Sly Blade, a Ring of Regeneration and a Scarab of Greater Protection.

Once you’re done here, its time to head back to the Keep, for battle is about to be joined on it's outskirts.
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