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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Ammon Jerro's Haven:   Ammon Jerro's Haven  |  Ammon Jerro's Haven Interior

Amon Jerro's Haven

Amon Jerros Haven map

Gargoyles and MastiffsThis place is crawling with Gargoyles, Shadows and Shadow Mastiffs.

1.World Map Transition.
2. The entrance to the interior of the Haven. It is noted that Guyven, who is staying at the Crossroad Keep would like to know about this place and you get 100xp. There is a golem, a Jerro Guardian, that insists you pass three paths to prove your worth to enter. They are described below.
3. These mark the locations of braziers. They are guarded by Gargoyles and Shadow Mastiffs. After you speak to the Jerro Guardian, Large Fire Elementals appear in various places. Three of them will leave behind a Fiery Heart. Use them on each brazier. Each time you light up a brazier, you’ll have to fight more Shadows and Shadow Mastiffs. Light all three and you’ll complete the Path of Sight.Jerro Guardian
4. Here you’ll find the spirit of a Barbarian Shaman who presents a moral quandary in that he is potentially the herald of a destructive Barbarian marauding campaign. If you decide to kill him, he’ll leave behind Eberond’s Flail and the Uthgardt Holy Shield. This will win influence with Bishop. Refusing to kill him earns you good points and influence with both Casavir and Shandra. You’ll then have to fight several very hard hitting Barbarian Spirits. Besides damaging spells, you may want to cast spells like Slow to tone down their hitting ability. You get 500xp as well either way. This completes the Path of Righteousness.
5. Here is a geyser that inflicts pretty severe damage. It is best to tell your companions to ‘stand their ground’ to avoid everybody getting slammed.  If your main character has either a Dexterity of 16 or a Tumble of 20, you can attempt a deft snatching of the Vial of Burning Water. This also wins you influence with Neeshka.Barbarian Shaman

Return to the Guardian. For completing all 3 Paths you now get 2,000xp.  He’ll now insist that Shandra donate a drop of her blood for the privilege of entering the Haven. Once she does, she’ll be teleported away, meaning no longer in your party, and you’ll have to go in after her through the front door.
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