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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Neverwinter  |  Return to Ember  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Ruins of Arvahn  |  Ammon Jerro's Haven

Ammon Jerro's Haven:   Ammon Jerro's Haven  |  Ammon Jerro's Haven Interior

Amon Jerro's Haven, the interior

Amon Jerros Haven, the interior map

1.This is where you first enter the Haven proper. You’ll see a familiar face, Mephasm the devil. He explains your plight to you. To find Shandra you’ll have to make your way to the laboratory. To do that, 4 out of the 6 portals needs to be attuned towards the laboratory to grant access. Mephasm opens his without hesitation. Every other portal is watched over by a different devil or a demon.  None of them will attune their portals for you unless it is in their own self interest to do so. This is indeed attainable since you can exploit the eternal rivalry between the Tan’narri and the Baatezu to obtain bargains in that regard. Incidentally, each time you help a demon or devil and get a portal opened, you get an xp bonus in the range of 500 to 1,000.
2. Here you’ll find a Balor named Baalbisan. If your PC is female, Baalbisan will not disdain to bargain with you. What he wants in any event is for the nearby Erinyes serving Hezebel at #4 to be killed since they constantly torment him with their shrieking.  If you kill the Erinyes, he will open his portal for you whether or not your initial discussion went well. You’ll get 1,000xp for doing so.Baalbisan
3. In this room you’ll find the Accoutrements of Masterful Wizardry and their Construction, Kossuth’s Belt of Priestly Might and Warding, and a Tome of Alchemy.
4.Here you’ll find a powerful Erinyes named Hezebel, along with the servitor Erinyes that Baalbisan would like you to kill.  Her price for opening her portal is to discover the true name of Baalbisan’s matron. This can be learned in two ways. One is by making a successful Taunt check (16) when speaking to Baalbisan. The other is by speaking to Blooden at #11 after you complete her task.Hezebel
5. Here you’ll fight an Elder Air Elemental and some Mephits. Nearby is a chest that holds the Advanced Arcanery of Personal Defense and The Nightthief’s Claw.
6. Here you’ll find the Hezrou demon, Zaxis. He won’t remember you fondly and summons more Hezrou to attack you. He refuses to help you unless you discover his true name from Blooden at #11.
7. On the way to this room you’ll get attacked by several Hellhounds.  Once in the room you’ll find a Pit Fiend named Koraboros.  His task is to set free his pet Imp.  For how to do that, see the note on #9.  Once the Imp is freed, Koraboros will open his portal for you.Koraboros
8. Here you’ll fight an Iron Golem.
9. This room is loaded with traps. The chests include random loot, often +2 items.  You’ll also find Koraboros’ Imp standing rather stricken next to a bookcase. The bookcase itself contains The Wondrous Potions of the Brothers of Ilmater and the Ancient Book. A successful Lore check of 20 allows you to translate the phrases in the book. A successful Spellcraft check of 20 reveals that the phrase produces the opposite magical effect.

Ziloth u meran Focus Your entire party ends up confused
Athkaton kal olan Freedom Your skin tingles but nothing
Tilo ut lon Imprison

Frees the imp

Koba tal fass Loyalty Dominates one character in the party
Verba ne kun Clarity Blinds the entire party
Malso yen Mercy Everybody is struck with magical damage
Jakk lo zeff Invigoration Cold damage on the whole party

Once you read the third phrase, bring the news to Koraboros to have him open his portal.
10. More traps on the way. Among the chests in this room you’ll find the Rainbow Armor, Nameless Light, Hammer of the Wisp and the Mask of the Skull.
11. Here you’ll find a powerful Succubus named Blooden. You’ll have to kill her servitor Succubi to reach her, a fact that she doesn’t seem to mind. Her task for opening the portal is to relieve her boredom by convincing Koraboros to send some Hellhounds her way to fight against more of her Succubi. It doesn’t take much to convince Koraboros to oblige, and Blooden doesn’t care if you side against her Succubi so long as she gets to watch.Blooden
  After she opens her portal, you can obtain her assistance again. She happens to know the true name of Baalbisan’s matron, who … get this … is Zaxis, who was once a Merilith (female snake-like demon) known as Bethshiva.  With this name, you can now bargain with either or both Hezebel and Zaxis to open their portals.
12. Once Mephasm and three other fiends have opened their portals for you, its time to step through one of them to face the master of the Haven, the warlock Ammon Jerro. This fight can be nasty, so buff up as much as possible, with Spell Resistance(s) as well if you have it. Once combat starts, Ammon is going to go invisible as soon as he can.  Cast True Seeing off the bat because you want your fighters pounding on him from the word go, and your spellcasters able to target him with powerful single-target offensive spells. Once you cut him down to size, Shandra sets the unraveling of the Haven and the freeing of the fiends in motion to save your party from Ammon’s wrath.  Ammon ends up killing Shandra out of revenge, meaning she’s gone for good and not available for Act III. Pity that.Ammon Kills Shandra

Everybody is taken back to the Phoenix Tail Inn in the Crossroad Keep, where Ammon Jerro explains his past and his actions, with plenty of rationalizations thrown in for good measure. When you are set to leave, Sir Nevalle obliges your presence for a Knight Ceremony in Castle Never.

*NOTE* You’re going to be taken into Act III and start off combat all by yourself against many undead. An idea worth considering is equipping yourself specifically for that situation just before your battle with Ammon Jerro and the subsequent unraveling of his haven. For example, you may want your PC to equip an anti-undead weapon like the Phararoh’s Mace and an item that protects against energy drain like the Amulet of Health.
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