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Crossroad Keep:   Storming the Crossroad Keep  |  Crossroad Keep Tunnel  |  Storming the Crossroad Keep Interior  |  Crossroad Keep Basement - The Ritual  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Crossroad Keep Interior  |  Crossroad Keep Basement

Crossroad Keep, Managing It

Crossroad Keep map

Congratulations, just like in Baldur’s Gate 2, you now get to manage your own stronghold in addition to adventuring. There are two differences, you only get one, the very keep you raided to interrupt Garius’ ritual. The decisions you have to make are also far more complicated than anything that was available during BG2. It’s really involved, and well I can really do no better than to link to this excellent guide from xInfInIty.

Here are the notable locations though:

  1. The World Map Transition for when you want to go elsewhere.

  2. Speak to Pentin in the Old Owl Well after you’ve prevented the Orcs from capturing it and he’ll show up here. Speak to Calindra in Port Llast after you’ve discovered Bradbury’s fate for her and she’ll be here as well. When they do, they’re now available to go out and tap those ore veins you’ve been finding. You’ll get gold and ingots as part of the profits. Anytime you find new veins, speak to them again.

  3. The transit point between the outlying farms and the courtyard of the Keep.

  4. Here is where you’ll find Master Veedle, who is the man to talk to for rebuilding various portions of the Keep and outlying areas, as per xInfInIty’s guide.

  5. Here is the Merchant Shop that can be built if you instruct Master Veedle to and pay out the necessary gold. To get it up and running in Act, speak to Deekin in the Merchant Quarter and you’ll be able to convince him to set up shop here. He’ll sell the same wares as he did before.

  6. Here is a tower that as of Act II you can’t do anything with yet.

  7. Here is a smithy that can be rebuilt if you instruct Master Veedle to do so and pay out the necessary gold. To truly have it running, you'll need to find two people you've met before. Go to Fort Locke and speak to Jacoby. Talk to him and he'll now run the smithy for you. He becomes the man to talk to if you want to upgrade the weapons for your soldiers. He'll also sell a lot of weapon molds, wood planks, metal ingots, as well as:

    Arrows +1
    Arrows +2
    Astral Blade +2
    Bastard Sword +3
    Battle Axe +3
    Bolts +1
    Bolts +2
    Club +3
    Composite Longbow +3
    Composite Shortbow +3
    Dagger +1
    Dagger +2
    Dagger +3
    Desert Wind +2
    Drone +4
    Dwarven Waraxe +3
    Falchion +1
    Fencer's Blade
    Flail +3
    Flail +4
    Greatsword +3
    Greatsword +4
    Halberd +3
    Handaxe +3
    Harbinger Kin +3
    Heavy Crossbow +3
    Imaskari Kama
    Kama +3
    Kukri +3
    Light Crossbow +3
    Light Hammer +3
    Longbow +3
    Long Sword +3
    Mace +3
    Master Li's Way
    Morningstar +3
    Namarra's (Neversleep) +2
    Quarterstaff +3
    Rapier +3
    Scimitar +3
    Scythe +3
    Scythe +5
    Short Sword +3
    Shortbow +1
    Shortbow +2
    Shortbow +3
    Sickle +3
    Sickle of Holy Mourning
    Sling +3
    Sling of Arvoreen
    Soulrazor Minion
    Spear +3
    The Lucky One
    Staff of Command
    Throwing Axe +1
    Throwing Axe +2
    Throwing Axe +3
    Warhammer +3
    Warhammer +4
    Warmace +3
    Writ of the Vizier

    For armor upgrades, find Edario in Highcliff to run the armory for you. He'll also sell a lot of armor molds, ingots, a couple of Salamander hides, as well as:

    Armor of Freedom
    Armor of Horus-Re
    Aurumvorax Armor
    Banded Mail +3
    Breastplate +3
    Chain Shirt +3
    Chainmail +3
    Dragon Armor
    Dragon Shield
    Full Plate +3
    Greater Shield of the Watch
    Half Plate +3
    Half Plate +4
    Heavy Shield +3
    Hide Armor +3
    Horse Hair Helmet
    Leather Armor +3
    Lich Skull
    Light Shield +3
    Neverwinter Nine Tunic
    Padded Armor +3
    Paladin Helmet
    Pot Helmet
    Storm Armor
    Studded Leather Armor +3

  8. Here are church grounds that as of Act II you cannot do anything with yet.

  9. Here you’ll find Wolf. His minions are scattered around various points of the Keep grounds. They can ‘teleport’ you between various locations within the grounds.

  10. The entrance to the Interior of the Keep.

  11. Here is the Phoenix Tail Inn. You can recruit Joy from the Moonstone Mask in the Merchant Quarter to be a dancer for it. You’ll also find Bishop, Neeshka and Khelgar here if they aren’t in your party.

In the meantime, when you first take control of the Keep, Zhjaeve takes some time to explain matters further to you.  She also stresses that you now need to complete a Ritual of Purification in order to acquire powers necessary to combat the King of Shadows. This means visiting the Ruins of Arvahn.
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