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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Neverwinter Continued:   Aldanons Manse Main Level  |  Aldanons Manse Basement  |  Tavorick Estate  |  Moonstone Mask

Aldanon's Manse, the Basement

Aldanons Manse Basement Map

  1. Stairs leading up to the main floor at #5.

  2. There are a couple traps leading up to this area. You’ll find some thugs holding the Manse staff captive, led by Old Scab and including Naylie and a spider named Nillit. Take out Old Scab first, since he can cast pretty dangerous spells. He’ll leave behind a Book of Fire and a Ring of Protection +2.

    One of the staff members gives you the low down, and it becomes clear that your next destination is the estate of Lord Tavorick, who will be the next noble targeted for assassination. Bring news of you discovery to Lord Nasher, and he'll authorize your entry to the Tavorick Estate.

  3. Stairs leading up to the main floor at #6.
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