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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Ruins of Arvahn:   Ruins of Arvahn  |  Temple of Four Seasons  |  Riverguard Keep Level 1  |  Riverguard Keep Level 2  |  Riverguard Keep Level 3  |  Gem Mines

Riverguard Keep Level 2

Riverguard Keep Level 2 Map

  1. Stairs back up to level one.

  2. Here you’ll fight a couple of Ogres and a Goblin Shaman.

  3. A trap is here.

  4. Here you’ll find Ribsmasher. You’ll get 100xp for his rescue.  He’ll go around fighting the enemies with his bare hands, and go around smashing crates, chests and doors. If you decide to kill him, he’ll leave behind the Gloves of the Long Death +3.

  5. Here you’ll fight an Ogre Chieftain, two more Ogres and a Goblin Captain.  The Chieftain leaves behind the Master’s Shield. A nearby chest holds the Brawler’s Belt.

  6. More Goblins to be killed here.

  7. Stairs leading down to the third level.
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