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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Ruins of Arvahn:   Ruins of Arvahn  |  Temple of Four Seasons  |  Riverguard Keep Level 1  |  Riverguard Keep Level 2  |  Riverguard Keep Level 3  |  Gem Mines

Riverguard Keep Level 1

Riverguard Keep Level 1 Map

  1. Exit to the Ruins of Arvahn. As soon as you enter, you’ll see a sarcophagus that describes Jemelle and her fabled equipment.

  2. Here you’ll fight a Goblin Captain and an Ogre. The Ogre leaves behind a Warmace +2. In a chest you’ll find the Staff of Defense.

  3. Here you’ll find a Bugbear named Ralidor, surrounded by his compatriots.  He’s disaffected with the leadership of Ghellu, the Ogre Mage, because he has yet to benefit from any of the promised plunder. It is therefore easy to talk him into abandoning the Keep. He’ll want you to bring Ghellu’s head. He’ll wait outside in the Keep’s Courtyard if you accept. If you decide to kill him, either here or outside, he’ll leave behind the Master’s Blade. One of his comrades leaves behind the Feywarden Crossbow.

  4. In these rooms you’ll find several Goblins, some of whom can cast clerical or arcane spells.

  5. In this room you’ll fight a pair of Ogres. A weapon rack holds a Fey Duster +2.

  6. This hallway is loaded with traps.

  7. Exit to the second floor of the Keep.
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