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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Riverguard Keep Level 3

Riverguard Keep Level 3 Map

  1. Stairs back up to the second level.

  2. Here in a bookcase you’ll find the Book of Banes.

  3. Here in a weapon rack you’ll find Ula’s Heart.

  4. GhelluHere you’ll find Ghellu with two Ogre bodyguards. He has a proposition for you. If you kill Ralidor for him, he’ll have his nearby Goblins fling themselves at the Master’s Door to open it and allow access to the Statue of Purification. You’ll also receive 1,500 xp and the Master’s Sceptre. If you decide to fight Ghellu, you’ll have to deal with him, the bodyguards, and several Goblins. Ghellu with then leave behind the scepter, as well as The Nomad’s Ring, a Bone Ring, a Gemsword, and Ghellu’s Head. This is the item that you can bring back to either Ralidor or the Orc chieftain as proof of having killed Ghellu.

  5. This is the Master’s Door. There are 3 ways to open it. One is to work out a deal with Ghellu to have it opened for you (see just above). The other is to walk through it while having equipped the Master’s Shield, the Master’s Sceptre, and the Master’s Blade. The third way is to walk through it five times and take damage from it. Don’t worry if you’re brought to zero hit points, you’re character won’t die from it. It will only look that way.

  6. Here is the Statue. It confers the Shining Shield power, which confers protection against cold and negative energy damage.

  7. These stairs lead up to the southeast corner of the first level of the Keep.
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