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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Smugglers’ Warehouse

Warehouse map

Scattered throughout the Warehouse are crates containing various portions of the contested weapons shipment. How you deal with that shipment depends on who you’ve joined.

*Good Path* If you joined the City Watch, your mission is to clear the thugs out and open up the Warehouse to being cleaned out by the Watch. Once you’ve cleared it out, Neeshka will want to scour the place for loot. If you indulge her, she’ll find a Shining Light of Lathander and the Nightthief’s Nimbleknife.

*Evil Path* If you joined the Shadow Thieves, your mission is to defend it against a raid by the City Watch.

  1. Exit to the Merchant Quarter.

  2. Exit to the Back Alley, available if you joined with the Shadow Thieves.

  3. The starting point if you joined with the Shadow Thieves.

  4. There are several crates about the Warehouse. The one here contains the Formulae of the Learned Scholars of Halruaa.

  5. If you joined the City Watch, you’ll find a Thug named Barlowe who tosses flask weapons at you from behind crates. Simply chop them down, and then him as well. Nearby you’ll find documents lying on the table that marks completion of Breilana’s task.

Either way, head back to Axle or Breilana for 300xp, and either one will set you on a quest involving Fihelis’ Estate which can be accessed through the Merchant Quarter at #11.
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