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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   West Harbor  |  Swamp Ruins  |  Weeping Willow Inn  |  Fort Locke  |  Toll Road  |  Graveyard  |  Bandit Camp  |  Maiden's Glade  |  Highcliff  |  Docks District  |  Skymirror  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Back Alley  |  Warehouse  |  Old Owl Well  |  Ironfist Hold  |  Bonegnasher Clan  |  Eyegouger Clan  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Githyanki

Weeping Willow Inn: Weeping Willow Inn  |  Weeping Willow Inn 1st Floor  |  Weeping Willow Inn 2nd Floor

Weeping Willow Inn First Floor

Weeping Willow Inn 1st Floor map

Once you arrive here, Khelgar will tell you somewhat of himself with considerable relish. A Bladeling and several Duergar burst in through the door, meaning another battle.

  1. Exit to the outside of the Inn.

  2. The innkeeper, Jorik, who can also sell the following items:

    Bracers of Armor +1
    Half Plate +1
    Heavy Shield +1
    Light Shield +1
    Lesser Belt of Guiding
    Padded Armor +1
    Studded Leather +1
    Tower Shield +1
    Battle Axe +1
    Harbinger Kin +1
    One of Many
    Long Sword +1
    Short Swords +

  3. Here you’ll find Gera, who wants you to save her husband upstairs. Doing it for free gains influence with Khelgar. Insisting on compensation causes you to lose influence.

    Talk to her again after you’ve rescued her husband and you’ll get 150 xp. You can refuse their offer of a reward to earn good points. You can gain evil and chaotic points by continually pinching them for gold.

  4. Entrance to the second floor of the Inn.
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