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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Death God's Vault  |  Wells of Lurue  |  Ashenwood  |  Sunken City  |  Thay Academy

Thay Academy:   Thaymount  |  Classrooms  |  Instructor's Quarters  |  Headmistress' Tower  |  Boneyard


Thaymount Map

  1. Here is the party’s initial point of entry.

  2. At this point the party will fighting some Elite Gnoll Guards and some Wyverns.

  3. Here is a Gnoll Guard outpost. Venture in past the first gate and both gates will close and lock. Gnoll soldiers will assault you on ground while Gnoll Archers will fire away from 3 towers. My procedure was to send in my strongest fighter in first to trigger the gates. A thief character then opens the first gate and the rest of the party charges in. One character clicks on a ladder to kill the Archer on the first tower. The thief opens up the second gate so that the party can climb ladder and take out the two remaining archers. Among the casualties will be a Gnoll Guard Captain who leaves behind an Adamantine Full Plate and a Halberd +5.

  4. Entry to classrooms.
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