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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Death God's Vault  |  Wells of Lurue  |  Ashenwood  |  Sunken City  |  Thay Academy

Sunken City:   Lakeshore  |  Nightshore  |  Coveya Kurgannis  |  The Skein  |  Return to Coveya Kurgannis


Lakeshore Map

  1. World Map Transition.

  2. Here is a mound.  Click on it and several Tenacious Fire Beetles will attack you. The mound holds some treasure, a scroll of Meteor Swarm, and Boots of the Sun Soul +4.

  3. Here is a beached corpse that holds a Studded Leather Armor +4.

  4. Here you’ll have to fight some Telthor Panthers and some Telthor Rats.

  5. Here you’ll meet somebody named Fentomy who won’t say much about himself for the time being. On a nearby crate you’ll find a Fisherman’s Journal which holds a rather disturbing tale of what happens around here at night. A trapped chest also holds random treasure.

  6. Wait until dusk and a Shadow Portal will open leading to Nightshore.
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