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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   Rashemi Barrow  |  Mulsantir

Lower Barrow

Lower Barrow Map

  1. Rise And ShineThe expansion starts with your character coming to, with the realization that the remaining silver shard has been removed within the chest, and an inexplicable hunger from within.

    Shortly thereafter Safiya arrives and expresses some urgency in the need to leave the Barrow. Her inventory includes Arrows +3, Bolts +3, a Composite Shortbow +3, a Light Crossbow +3, and a Short Sword +3. She is also wearing Safiya’s Robes for the time being.

    Her inventory will also include the Enchanter’s Satchel and the Shaper’s Alembic, which will be the items to use for enchanting items.

    Your PC can touch one of the nearby pillars to earn 250xp for experiencing fragments of memories, not necessarily your own either.

  2. Here you’ll have to fight a Barrow Guardian, which is pretty easy to kill. In this little cave you’ll also find a Dagger +3, and a book, the City of Judgment, which drops vague hints of the nature of your problems that will soon beset you.

  3. Here is the exit to the Middle Barrow.
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