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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Death God's Vault  |  Wells of Lurue  |  Ashenwood  |  Sunken City  |  Thay Academy

Mulsantir, Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Veil Theater  |  Shadow Theater  |  Mulsantir Gate

Mulsantir, Act II

Mulsantir Map

  1. Entrance to the Veil Theater. To be able to take full advantage of the Theater now, speak to Sheva at #7 and ask her about Magda. She then announces that Magda is back in the Theater and available to help you.

  2. The Bazaar, where Mother Feodorra and Azim sell the same goods as before.

  3. Entrance to The Sloop.

  4. Entrance to the Ice Troll Lodge. Same as before, but with an important difference.

    If Okku is in your party, speak to Nak’Kai the Shaman. Nak’Kai will offer to strengthen Okku if you give him 3 Brilliant Spirit Essences.

    If One of Many is in your party, Nak’Kai will make the same request for 3 Brilliant Spirit Essences but with a far different intention in mind. He uses the essences to empower and enlarge himself. He and the rest of the lodge then attack you. If you successfully wipe out the lodge, remember that little Telthor Badger that pestered you outside?  He now comes in and becomes MUCH larger and with eyes glowing red with fury. He of course goes straight for the attack. He has enormous hit points and deals out truly hideous damage.

    I was really at a loss for how to pull this one off until I scoured a number of message boards and found a solution that worked. Forget trying to melee with this thing, it’ll just eat you alive no matter how capable you think your best warrior is. Instead, try to hold it in place in with Bigby’s Crushing Hand off the bat. If this doesn’t work, just reload to before the Badger enters the door. Once it is held in place, keep everybody beyond arm’s length. Now hit it with repeated castings of Cloudkill. This has two points, one is to reduce hit points. The other is to reduce its Fortitude saving throws. Now hit it with repeated castings of Enervation. Its ability to withstand damage, to land physical attacks, and to make Fortitude saving throws should all be significantly weakened by this procedure. You can then march in for the kill or deliver a coup-de-grace with Finger of Death or the like. Maybe there’s more than one way or a variation on the theme, but this was what worked for me. If you manage to kill it, you’ll get a Belt of Storm Giant Strength and the Heart of Rashemen.

    If you had devoured the badger outside at the back end of the lodge beforehand, you can avoid this fight altogether although you will not get any of the reward for killing it in its superpowered form.

  5. Entrance to the Temple of Kelemvor.

  6. Entrance to the Prison.

  7. Here you’ll find the three Wychlaran witches. Katya still sells the same goods. Speak to Sheva and thoroughly drill her with questions. With enough conversation, Magda will be able to speak to you again in the Veil Theater. She’ll also explain that a mysterious entity known as the Wood Man may be able to help. This allows the party access to the Ashenwood.

  8. A portal to Shadow Mulsantir which can be accessed at night.

  9. Here is the Avolov home. Gann will indicate that somebody here can leave powerful traces of dreams. Gabi Avalov will indicate that a coven of Hags have taken her grandmother because she was able to battle the Hags and their ability to steal dreams.

  10. In this home you’ll find Baumar Matadov, his daughter Yelina, and a Wychlaran named Lady Daniyarra. Daniyarra and Baumar both want Yelina tested for worthiness to be trained as a Wychlaran on the suspicion that she can already establish links with Telthor spirits. Yelina is reluctant though. Daniyarra wants this resolved and then leaves momentarily. Speak to Baumar and he’ll indicate that he’ll appreciate it if you could convince Yelina to be tested willingly. With some persistence you can, but it’s much easier if you pull off a Diplomacy check, a Lore check, and are able to flash a little magic of your own. When Daniyarra comes back, you’ll get an xp reward. Yelina will open a nearby door and reveal that it was a Telthor Bear that she was conversing with. In a chest behind the door you’ll find a Ceremonial Uthgardt Belt.

  11. Here you’ll find some male Rashemi spellcasters who are acting without the sanction of the Wychlaran and hence are apparently defying exile. It is possible to talk your way out of a confrontation here and leave peacefully. You can also choose to fight them, in which case you’ll also find a Ring of Regeneration, a Staff of Valmaxian, and an Amulet of Natural Armor +4.

  12. Here you’ll meet a girl named Kua’ara who implies that a nearby mysterious tribe can share knowledge of your spirit eating powers that the Wychlaran would not want you to have. This makes the Wells of Lurue available on your world map.

  13. Exit to Mulsantir Gate.

    From this point onwards, where you go and in which order you visit places is truly up to you. The order in which I did things was the Shadow Theater (which can be accessed through the Veil Theater) first, the Death’s God’s Vault, the Wells of Lurue, the Ashenwood, and then the Sunken City.
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