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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   Rashemi Barrow  |  Mulsantir

Mulsantir:   Mulsantir Gate  |  Mulsantir  |  The Veil Theater  |  The Shadow Theater  |  Mulsantir Continued  |  Ice Troll Lodge  |  The Prison  |  Temple of Kelemvor  |  The Sloop  |  Shadow Mulsantir  |  The Spirit Army

The Ice Troll Lodge

Ice Troll Lodge Map

  1. Exit to Mulsantir.

  2. Here are Yagar and Alexei playing darts. A successful Spellcraft check reveals that Alexei is cheating with magic darts. This earns you some arrows but nothing else besides.

  3. Here you’ll meet Radu the Untested and Beardless Vyk. They want to prove themselves to the Lodge by doing something suitably manly. You can suggest something now, but their potential relevance becomes even greater once you visit the Wells of Lurue.

  4. Here you’ll find Sergei lying on the floor. More on him later.

  5. Here is where you’ll find Nak’kai the Shaman, with two pet Telthor Leopards at his side. He won’t really be relevant until Act II.

  6. Here you’ll meet the leader of the lodge, Jurak. You can attain membership in the lodge, but you must first undergo three rites that mark your worthiness.  They are administered by Lena, Forovan and Yulia.

  7. Here is Yulia, who administers the Rite of Endurance. This involves stripping down and seeing how long you can sit in a really cold tub of water. You need around 250 hit points to pull this off, and since you’re forced to strip down, that means around 250 hit points without any Constitution enhancing items or items that confer bonus hit points.

  8. Here is the very tall berserker named Forovan, who administers the Rite of Strength which is basically challenging him to an arm wrestling match. If you speak to Yulia beforehand, she tells you that you can gain an advantage by suggesting that left hands be used in the match. Even so, I think a Strength in the 20s is needed to pull it off.

  9. Here is Lena, who obliges you to endure a gauntlets type Rite. This involves four fights, first against Beardless Vyk, then Forovan, the Yulia (who casts spells) and then Jurak.

Passing the three rites and then obtaining Lodge membership in itself is only of tangible benefit to Frenzied Berserkers, who gain +2 to their Armor Class while berserking, and an even greater bonus to Armor Class while using Greater Rage or Mighty Rage. 

Membership also allows you to try your hand at the three Rites again. This time they’re even tougher, but also offer certain rewards if you successfully complete them. 

The Rite of Endurance now requires you to have something in the neighboured of 350 hit points, still sans items that provide additional hit points. Pull it off and you get a Ring of Major Cold Resistance.

The Rite of Strength involves beating Forovan a second time. You need a Strength score of 35 to do this a second time. Succeed and you’ll get a Belt of Storm Giant Strength.

Lena is also willing to administer the gauntlets a second time. This time you’re up against one of Nak’kai’s Telthor Leopards, Lena (who casts spells), and Sergei, who can really crank out hideous damage. If you pull this off, you’ll get the falchion, Transcendent Edge.
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