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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Founder's Sanctum  |  City of Judgement

The Founder’s Sanctum

Founder's Sanctum Map

  1. Here is your initial entry point.

  2. Here you’ll have to fight your first of several groups of Myrkulites (of varying classes) who serve Araman. One of them leaves behind a Tower Shield +5 and a Flail +5.

  3. This teleporter takes you to #4.

  4. Here you’ll fight an Elder Earth Elemental and 2 Elder Air Elementals. A nearby teleporter takes you back to #3.

  5. More Myrkulites for you to fight. The nearby teleporter takes you to #6.

  6. Here you’ll have to fight 3 Nightwalkers. A chest here holds the Kepeturi Crest. A nearby teleporter takes you back to #5.

  7. This teleporter takes you to #8.

  8. More Myrkulites for you to fight.

  9. Here you’ll confront Araman and his Myrkulite minions. Araman is bent on fulfilling the geas set on him by Myrkul by killing the Founder and so will end up attacking you. He can cast a spell that leave the party stunned for some time, so taking the initiative and hitting fast with your own spells is often essential. When you come with reach, go all out for him first. One of his minions leaves behind the Chromatic Crown.

  10. The FounderHere you finally meet the Founder. She explains fully her role in recent events. She also gives you the now much more powerful Silver Sword of Gith.

    Here you have a choice, to leave her be or kill her out of vengeance. Her body can be looted for the Red Guard Bracers. If you have Devour Soul, you can attempt to finish her off this way. If you did not devour Myrkul’s soul beforehand, then Akachi will be able to stop you. If you did devour Myrkul’s soul beforehand, you’ll be able to pull it off. This will yield the Founder’s Essence. You can use Mold Spirit to combine this with the Broken Ring and 2 Pristine Earth Essences and 2 Pristine Fire Essences to produce the Founder’s Ring. Problem is, just like the Broken Scythe, nobody has found the Broken Ring as of yet. All of her minions, which include Clay Golems and Blade Spiders, will then attack you.

    If you do this and Safiya is in your party, she’ll attack you. Use Devour Soul on her as a killing blow and you’ll get Safiya’s Essence which can be used to create a powerful yet encumbering amulet.

  11. There are two things worthy of note here. One is a door that can be opened that leads to a small room. In the room you’ll find the Thayan Knight Halfplate and the Mourning Ring.

    The other thing of note is a portal just in front of the door. It will take you back to the Shadow Theater.

With the Silver Sword of Gith in hand, it is now time to go to the next stage. Make your way to the second level of the Death God’s Vault. Go to the large doorway at #14. Click on it and you’ll have the option of using the Silver Sword to open it.
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