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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Death God's Vault  |  Wells of Lurue  |  Ashenwood  |  Sunken City  |  Thay Academy

Death God's Vault:   Level 1  |  Level 2

Death God’s Vault, Level 2

Death God's Vault Level 2 Map

This level also has a lot of offering urns, but this time each one holds a Shadow of the Void.

  1. Door leading up to the first level of the Vault.

  2. Opening either of these doors results in 5 Ancient Vampires attacking you.  These guys hit hard and have Monk abilities, so this can be tough. As with Death Knights, Mass Heal and Undeath to Death provide effective methods.

  3. In this hallway several Hoary Mummified Priests will attack you.

  4. In this room you’ll find Wondrous Gloves, Bracers of Armor +7, and Boots of Striding +6.

  5. In this room you’ll find a Padded Armor +5.

  6. In this room you’ll find a Half Plate +5.

  7. In this room you’ll find a Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Good.

  8. In this room you’ll find a Chainmail +5 and a Robe of Acid Resistance.

  9. Here you’ll find three Death Lords, virtually identical to Death Knights, except these ones carry scythes which means that critical hits from them will really hurt. The skeletal remains lying around contain piles of gold.

  10. Here you’ll have to contend with a pair each of Ancient Vampires and Hoary Mummified Priests. A chest in this room holds Reaper’s Despair.

  11. Another pair each of Ancient Vampires and Hoary Mummified Priests. A chest in this room holds Fingerbone’s Name.

  12. In this room, you’ll have to fight a few Hoary Mummified Priests. On the floor you’ll find an assortment of spell scrolls, a scroll titled Lamentations of the Dead which provides the background of your ultimate adversary in Mask of the Betrayer, and a book called the Tome of Profane Rebirth. You can bring this back to Yusev the Acolyte in the Temple of Kelemvor if you elect to gratify his desire to prolong his life unnaturally.

  13. Here in this room are a powerful assortment of undead that include Ancient Vampires, Hoary Mummified Priests, a Death Lord, and a Lich King. A strategy used was to start by bombarding them with spells like Meteor Swarm, Sun Burst and the like, and then bending the corner of the hall. Usually, but not always, the melee inclined undead like the Vampires will come first giving you the chance to take them out. With any luck, the spellcasters will either stay behind or arrive significantly later. If you plan on using Eternal Rest here, be sure to kill the Lich King with it since this will yield a Pristine Spirit Essence.  He’ll also leave behind the Shroud of Elder Doom.

  14. Akachi's DoorHere is a rather impressive and ominous looking door. Getting through it will become a critical objective for you, but you won’t be able to do that until much later.
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