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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Death God's Vault  |  Wells of Lurue  |  Ashenwood  |  Sunken City  |  Thay Academy

Wells of Lurue

Wells of Lurue Map

Foes that you’ll encounter here include Elder Earth Elementals and Telthor animal spirits. The pools that you find here are often inhabited by Orglashes.

  1. World Map Transitions.

  2. Here is where you’ll find a farmer named Janiik. If Gann is in your party Janiik will display anger since he blames Gann for the seemingly perpetual trance like state that his daughter, Anya, is now in. If you value scoring influence with Gann, be very careful to avoid even implying that Gann may somehow be responsible.

  3. In this farmhouse you’ll find Anya who walks around as though she is somewhere else, which actually isn’t far from the truth. If Gann is in your party, he’ll deduce that Anya’s dreams have taken on such power that she’s shaped a partially real ‘Sir Ganneyev’ in her consciousness. You won’t be able to do anything about it unless you’ve acquired the Hag’s Eye first.

    If you’re evil, you’ll have the option to kill Anya. This gives you evil points.  Janiik will burst in along with several Telthor spirits and attack. Once he dies, his corpse can be looted for the Ice Troll Helmet.

    If you do have the Hag’s Eye and want to help her, speak to her again and elect to enter her dreamscape. Some players experience a bug whereby they’re never able to get the dialogue option that allows this no matter what they do. If you experience this difficulty, press ` to open the cheat console.  Now enter this sequence:

    DebugMode 1
    rs ka_enter_dreamscape()
    rs ga_jump_players(“b14_wp_from_bl2”,1,0)
    DebugMode 0

    Anyas Dreamscape MapThe dreamscape is a fairly simply area. #1 marks you initial entry and #2 marks where you want to reach. Once there, you’ll find Anya conversing with ‘Sir Ganneyev’. You can resolve this by killing ‘Sir Gannayev’. You can however also succeed at more than one Diplomacy check to convince the real Gann to beat Sir Gann at a contest of words of wooing to sweep Anya off her feet. Either way, Anya comes to her senses and leaves the dreamscape for the waking world. A portal for you to leave will appear.

    Step back out of the farmhouse and speak to Janiik. He’ll give you the Ice Troll Helmet. If you helped Anna in the way that didn’t enough killing Sir Gannayev violently, he’ll also give you the Foxheart Buckler.

  4. Here is where you’ll find Kuar’ra, the child in Mulsantir who urged you to visit his tribe in the Wells. The child will lead you further into the gorge until you find the head of the tribe, U’juk. He and his fellow tribesmen will reveal themselves as Uthraki, apelike creatures with an extremely voracious appetite for humanoid meat. If Okku is in your party he and U’juk will recognize each other as past enemies. Combat naturally ensues.

    Hill TribeOtherwise U’juk offers to teach you a new way to exploit your new hunger. He wants you to lure humanoids to his camp so that his tribe can feed on them. There is more than one way to do this, and each earns you evil points. One way is to convince the Shou family near the Mulsantir Gate to travel to the Wells after you’ve purchased a new wagon for them. The other way is to convince Radu the Untested and Beardless Vyk in the Ice Troll Lodge that their test of manhood is to be found in the wells. Each way involves making a modest Bluff check (around 15 or so). When you come back, U’juk can teach you the Devour Soul ability, which allows you to feed off the souls of humanoid creatures when they are ‘Near Death’. You’ll also have the option to tell U’juk that he’ll be the first test subject, which of course prompts immediate combat. Since the Uthraki are capable of only physical combat, this shouldn’t be difficult. If you manage to land Devour Soul on U’juk as a killing blow, you’ll acquire U’juk’s Essence. You can use Mold Spirit to combine the essence with an Adamantine Ingot to create the Ring of the Uthraki.

  5. DurthansHere you’ll find several Durthan witches led by Zinoviy. Zinoviy wants to kill you in order to acquire your spirit eating powers as a tool against the Hathran order. Spells that maximize Spell Resistance and saving throws are recommended beforehand. If your hit points are high enough to weather the initial assault, you should be able to take them down fairly quickly.

  6. Here you’ll find Spirit Bears who can claim kinship with Okku. If you devoured Okku, they’ll attack you post haste. If Okku lives and he’s not in your party, they’ll make it clear to you that they want you to return with him. If Okku is present, they’ll be angry with him since they view his assistance to a past spirit eater as responsible for the woes that befell his bear clan afterwards.  It is possible to avoid a confrontation through Diplomacy checks, in which case you’ll get 1,000 xp and they’ll depart peacefully. Otherwise they’ll attack you.

    Wells of Lurue Dreamscape MapClick on the pool and you’ll be able to enter a dreamscape that resembles the Lower Barrow. If Gann is with you and you pass an influence check with him, he’ll accompany you. #1 marks your entry point. #2 marks where you first see the Old Man, the past spirit eater that Okku helped. #3 marks you’ll have to fight a Shadow Reaver and 3 Greater Shadows. In the chamber at #4 you’ll meet The Boy. Converse with the Boy and it becomes apparent that he’s Araman, the brother of Akachi the Betrayer, as a young boy. He offers you the Mask Fragment (Boy). You don’t have to accept it, but you will need it if you aspire towards the good ending of Mask of the Betrayer.
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