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NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act II:   Mulsantir  |  Death God's Vault  |  Wells of Lurue  |  Ashenwood  |  Sunken City  |  Thay Academy

Death God's Vault:   Level 1  |  Level 2

Death God’s Vault, Level 1

Death God's Vault Level 1 Map

In this level of the Vault are a lot of Offering Urns that hold gold or other treasures.  You can try looting them, but a Dread Wraith will attack you each time. This is why I recommend postponing exploring this dungeon until Act II, because you now have a ready made supply of food on hand, and can also acquire Spirit Essences in the process.

  1. Here is the exit to Shadow Mulsantir.

  2. Here is where you’ll first meet Kaelyn the Dove.

  3. Here you’ll have to do battle with some Mummified Priests. They’ll cast clerical spells like Doom and so on but will fall under sustained melee combat.

  4. Here you’ll find 3 Death Knights. Simply talking to them provokes them into attacking you. Be warned, they can deal out terrific damage, especially on criticals. Kaelyn can truly shine in these sorts of battles. She can simply cast Mass Heal on an area that includes both your party and the Death Knights. This has the simultaneous effect of both picking your party back up and inflicting heavy positive energy damage on the Death Knights. If she can do it a second or third time, all the better. Undeath to Death is also another handy spell for these occasions. One of them leaves behind a Bone Dancer’s Ring and the Death Knight’s Key. A nearby urn holds Drums of Haunting.

  5. Here is the door that is opened by the Death Knight’s Key.

  6. Here you’ll have to fight a few more Mummified Priests. The Skeletal Remains here hold various treasures.

  7. Here is the Crematorium of the Vault. The remains at either wing of the Crematorium hold Fire Agates. Step forward closely enough and you’ll have to fight a lot of Cremated Spirits and Dread Wraiths.

    CrematoriumOnce the fighting is over, a ghostly Priest will appear. Speak to him long enough and you’ll be able to glean background information from him and another two spirits who call themselves the Child and the Brute. Speak to him and a clear picture emerges. The lower level of the Vault served as a prison for enemies of Myrkul’s faith. The furnace has trapped the spirits of those the Priest condemned to death by cremation. He himself joined them when he was killed by servants of Cyric who pillaged the Vault following Myrkul’s death. If you’re good or neutral, you can sympathize with him and be able to grant his soul eternal solace. This grants you the Eternal Rest ability, which allows you to replenish your spirit energy through the negative energy of undead beings without increasing your craving. If you’re evil, such a possibility won’t even occur to you and you’ll simply have to devour his spirit to progress the game.

    Once the Priest’s fate is resolved, the other spirits of the crematorium emerge. You now have a number of options at your disposal.

    You can use Eternal Rest or Devour Spirits to make an end of the spirits for 2,000 xp. It does not work altogether though. The Child and Brute remain as Shadows of the Void and will attack you in an effort to rebuild ‘the Many’. If you finish off one of them with Eternal Rest or Devour Spirit, you’ll acquire the Shadow of the Void Essence.

    You can use Provoke Spirits to goad all of them into attacking you. This presents a similar opportunity to acquire the Shadow of the Void Essence.

    Undead ConstructIf you devoured Okku and are carrying his husk, the Child offers to have all of the spirits inhabit the husk and collectively act as your servant. This recruits One of Many into your party.

    Click on the furnace and select the option that involves sifting through the ashes. You’ll find the Silver Sword of Gith Replica.

  8. When you arrive here you’ll find a gong. Strike the gong and ghostly scribes will appear. There’s a chief scribe at the west end of this room who can provide you with a fair bit of background information. You then have the option of either laying the scribes to eternal rest (if you’re good) or devouring their spirits and earning evil points.

  9. Here is a door leading to the next level that can be opened with the Silver Sword of Gith Replica at #7.
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