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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Castle Never and Neverneath  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Gathering Allies  |  Silver Sword  |  The War  |  King of Shadows

Gathering Allies:   Circle of the Mere  |  Wendersnaven  |  Ironfist Stronghold  |  Mount Galardrym  |  Fiery Canyon  |  Seat of the Mountain  |  Highcliff  |  Sydney Natale  |  Shadow Reaver Camp

Ironfist Stronghold

Ironfist Stronghold Map

  1. World Map Transition.

  2. Here you’ll find Khayar. If Khelgar is in your party, he’ll unlock the door at #3 for you. Otherwise there’s no going past it.

  3. The door that can be unlocked by Khayar.

  4. Revorax’s Forge. Revorax can sell you:

    Black Flame Armor
    Breast Plate +2
    Chain Shirt +2
    Chainmail +2
    Full Plate +2
    Greater Storm Armor of the Earth’s Children
    Half Plate +2
    Heavy Shield +2
    Lesser Golem Armor
    Light Shield +2
    Light Shield +4
    Scale Mail +2
    Shield of the Void
    Studded Leather +2
    Tower Shield +2
    White Dragon Armor
    Club +3
    Dagger +3
    Darts +1
    Darts +2
    Dwarven Waraxe +4
    Falchion +3
    Flail +3
    Greataxe +4
    Greatsword +3
    Halberd +3
    Hammer of the Wisp
    Handaxe +4
    Heavy Crossbow +3
    Kama +3
    Katana +3
    Kukri +3
    Light Crossbow +3
    Light Hammer +3
    Longbow +3
    Long Sword +3
    Mace +3
    Mordan’s Withering Blade
    Morning Star +3
    Quarterstaff +3
    Rapier +3
    Rift Hammer
    Scimitar +3
    Scythe +3
    Short Sword +3
    Shortbow +3
    Shurikens +1
    Shurikens +2
    Sickle +3
    Sling +3
    Spear +3
    Throwing Axes +1
    Throwing Axes +2
    Throwing Axes +5
    Warhammer +3
    Warmace +3

  5. This little room is loaded with traps. The chests themselves are trapped as well. If you get past them, you’ll be able to score some high level scrolls and other random loot.

  6. Here you’ll find Dwarves training for combat.

  7. Here is the Dwarven Kitchen.

  8. Khelgar and KerosHere you’ll find the current leader of the Ironfist clan, Keros. It’s impossible to persuade him to ally with Neverwinter against the Shadow King because he’s burned at Khelgar over a perception that Khelgar abandoned the clan in pursuit of personal glory.

  9. Once that is finished, make your way to here. You’ll see the legendary Hammer of Ironfist. Khulmar is nearby and explains to you a possible way to gain the allegiance of the clan. Whomever can lift the Hammer will be the rightful ruler of the clan. It requires a Dwarf in possession of both the Gloves of Ironfist and the Belt of Ironfist. Khelgar will have gotten the Gloves if you visited the Ironfist Hold during Act I. If you didn’t, you’ll get the Gloves now.

    The major problem is that the Belt is currently in the possession of a tribe of Fire Giants who have been long time enemies of the Ironfist clan. In order to recover the Belt, you’ll need to journey to Mount Galardrym which will now be available on your World Map. Khulmar also gives you a Ring of Major Fire Resistance.
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