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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Castle Never and Neverneath  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Gathering Allies  |  Silver Sword  |  The War  |  King of Shadows

Gathering Allies:   Circle of the Mere  |  Wendersnaven  |  Ironfist Stronghold  |  Mount Galardrym  |  Fiery Canyon  |  Seat of the Mountain  |  Highcliff  |  Sydney Natale  |  Shadow Reaver Camp

Shadow Reaver Camp

You’ll be immediately treated to a cinematic sequence whereby the Shadow Reaver, accompanied by two Blade Golems, seems wickedly pleased with himself. Combat begins, and a couple of Greater Shadows jump in for good measure. If Zhjaeve is with you, she’ll begin reciting the True Name of the Reaver automatically. If Ammon Jerro is with you, he’ll start the incantation immediately and takes priority over Zhjaeve if both are present. The incantation takes a long time for either character to complete, and it can be disrupted (meaning either would have to start over) so try to prevent any direct assault on them. Until the incantation is complete, the Shadow Reaver will bring himself back up to full health anytime you reduce him to 50% of his hit points. Once the incantation is complete, he can be killed permanently.

Shadow Reaver CampConcentrate on the Golems and Shadows first. If you have a hard hitting character, I find that it is helpful to plant that character right next to the Reaver with the idea of simply going for attacks of opportunity with the hopes of disrupting spells anytime the Reaver starts one. Once it’s all done, loot the Shadow Reaver’s body for the Wicked Union scythe and the Silver Shard: Death Immunity. Zhjaeve now informs you that you have enough shards to reform the Silver Sword of Gith.

Head back to Crossroad Keep. A conversation will ensue whereby Ammon reveals that an ancient dragon that fell in combat with the King of Shadows may know how to reform the Silver Sword. Nolaloth’s Valley will now appear on your world map.
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