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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act III:   Castle Never and Neverneath  |  Crossroad Keep  |  Gathering Allies  |  Silver Sword  |  The War  |  King of Shadows

Gathering Allies:   Circle of the Mere  |  Wendersnaven  |  Ironfist Stronghold  |  Mount Galardrym  |  Fiery Canyon  |  Seat of the Mountain  |  Highcliff  |  Sydney Natale  |  Shadow Reaver Camp

Seat of the Mountain

Seat of the Mountain Map

  1. Entrance back to Mount Galardrym.

  2. Fire GiantsHere is where you have a brief audience with the very confident Fire Giant King. The King has quite a bit to tell, particularly about how the Belt you’re after was acquired from King Loudram of the Ironfist clan. There a number of ways to play this, and some of them depend on whether you’ve previously struck a bargain with the Red Dragon, Tholapsyx, in the Fiery Canyon.

    If you haven’t visited Tholapsyx yet, the Fire King offers to give you the belt in exchange for killing her. You can decide to take him up on his offer. If you return from having killed the dragon, the King will turn on you. The King, his fellow Fire Giants, and several Hell Hounds will coverge on you from all sides.  Being buffed up beforehand definitely helps. Because your enemies are going to close in on you from all sides, it helps to crank out party-friendly offensive spells. Chain Lightning and Word of Faith come to mind. Of course, you could decide to waste the King and the other Giants now. If you decide to go this route, and you still want to kill Tholapsyx, you will have committed yourself to taking her on without any help from the Fire Giants.

    If you previously accepted Tholapsyx’s offer, the King will still offer you the same deal. The difference is that Tholapsyx will burst in with a thunderous roar. You’re offered a choice between attacking her, attacking the Giants, or attacking all of them at once. The last choice is definitely not recommended.  Keep in mind that if you refused the King’s offer and you choose to attack Tholapsyx, the Giants will be hostile towards both you and her. If you help the Giants kill the dragon, the Fire Giants and their King will turn on you. If you help Tholapsyx kill the Giants, she’ll announce her intention to take every ounce of treasure there is and end your life. It is possible to talk her into letting you go with the Belt and letting her keep the rest of the treasure, but your Diplomacy needs to be very high to pull this off. If a confrontation with Tholapsyx is in your plans, whether here or in her canyon, follow this link for advice on how to go about it.

    In any event, you will find on the Fire Giant King’s corpse Terrance’s Fell Axe and the Belt of Ironfist.

  3. Here is the treasure hoard of the Fire Giants. The enclosure will open only once you’ve killed every Giant and Hell Hound in the area. There are several chests here, many of which contain scrolls and random loot. Specific items that you’ll find here include a Ring of Major Acid Resistance, a Greater Archer’s Belt and a Shadow Legion Armor.

  4. Here you’ll find Caelryna Seerar. You can talk her into setting up in the merchant shop in Crossroad Keep.

Hammer of IronfistOnce you’ve got the belt, its time to head back to the Ironfist Stronghold. Speak to Keros, who will as usual be intolerant of Khelgar’s presence. Khelgar however now claims rulership over the clan by successfully lifting the Hammer of Ironfist with the help of the Belt and the Gloves of Ironfist. The Dwarves of the clan will now join your war effort against the King of Shadows. Khelgar can now wield the hammer, but only so long as he’s wearing the Belt and the Gloves at the same time. Note that a Dwarf PC can do this as well.
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