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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Act I:   West Harbor  |  Swamp Ruins  |  Weeping Willow Inn  |  Fort Locke  |  Toll Road  |  Graveyard  |  Bandit Camp  |  Maiden's Glade  |  Highcliff  |  Docks District  |  Skymirror  |  Merchant Quarter  |  Back Alley  |  Warehouse  |  Old Owl Well  |  Ironfist Hold  |  Bonegnasher Clan  |  Eyegouger Clan  |  Neverwinter Continued  |  Githyanki

Eyegouger Clan: Eyegouger Approach  |  Eyegouger Caves 1  |  Eyegouger Caves 2  |  Eyegouger Caves 3

Eyegouger Caves, Level 3

Eyegouger Caves, Level 3 map

Lots of undead here. Since this involves the desecration of the dead, there’s plenty of chances to score or lose influence with Casavir as well.

  1. Stairs leading up to the second level.

  2. A burial chamber for the dead, who have been desecrated, and therefore a chance to chum up with Casavir.

  3. An ore vein.

  4. One of the Ghasts will leave behind Bracers of Archery.

  5. Plenty of undead here as well. You’ll find at least one +1 weapon here.

  6. More undead and a chest with random loot are here.

  7. Here is where you’ll confront the resident Shadow Priest and two of his underlings. Hit with area effect spells and then close in for the kill. The priest leaves behind Dwarf’s Mirth, and a Morningstar +2.

  8. Here you’ll find Issani of Waterdeep. Conversation with him flows naturally to him making good his escape. If you took Olov, the fake emissary, along with you, here is where he confronts you.

  9. There is an Alchemist’s Bench here. The rack will contain a random +1 weapon. The priest’s chest will contain A Journal and Gloves of the Hin Fist +2.

  10. World Map Transition.

Head back to the Old Owl Well. Callum will pat you on the back and give you Re’s Redemption. If you bring along the Orcish Medallion, you’ll also get 500xp for it. Either Breilana or Axle will have a new quest for you.
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