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Dragon Age: Origins Online Walkthrough by David Milward

Areas in the original game:  
Brecilian Forest  |  The Camp  |  Circle Tower  |  Denerim  |  The Final Battle  |  Haven  |  Landsmeet  |  Lothering  |  Orzammar  |  Ostagar  |  Redcliffe  |  Ruined Temple  
Areas available as Downloadable Content:  
Honnleath  |  Return to Ostagar  |  Warden's Keep 
About the Walkthrough  |  About the Maps  |  About the Author  |  About Playing the Game  |  Where to Begin
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About the Walkthrough

This is a complete solution for Dragon Age: Origins. A genuine effort has been made to provide as many solutions and paths for the game as possible.

This solution may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the author and of Sorcerer's Place.

The credit for the technical implementation of the online walkthrough form goes to Taluntain and Montresor.

About the Maps

All the maps in this solution are screen captures. Large, numbered maps are provided on top of the relevant pages, and sometimes throughout the text as well. When you see a smaller map, simply click on the thumbnail of the map to see the full version. You’ll notice that my walkthrough provides notes in numeric order on most of the pages. The numbers on my maps correspond with the location of what is being discussed in my walkthrough notes.

About the Author

I’ve submitted past walkthroughs to Sorcerer’s Place as Dave Milward. My alias here, however, is Beren. If there’s anything you’d like to share with me, by all means you’re welcome to send me an e-mail to beren or contact me via PM on the SP message boards. If I find anything particularly helpful and worth mentioning specifically, I’ll give credit where credit is due in updates.

Playing the Game

For those of you new to Dragon Age, or for veterans looking for a possibly different take on the game, I've included some advice on gameplay in this walkthrough that covers the following subjects:

Choosing Spells and Talents for your characters
Equipping your Characters
Utilizing the scripting system in Dragon Age

Also note that there are a number of joinable NPC companions that can be found throughout the game. They are:

The Mabari War Hound
Shale (available as Downloadable Content)

As an aside, the walkthrough is based on playthroughs of the game that I made to explore both good and evil avenues to progress the game, and everything I could find in between. The two Grey Warden protagonists I created and relied on were:

Aldarion - an Elven Arcane Warrior
Zarathos - a Human Arcane Warrior/Blood Mage

Getting Started

To actually start the game, you have to make your way through an Origins storyline, based on the race and/or class of the main Grey Warden character that you created. The six Origins stories are:

City Elf
Dalish Elf
Dwarf Commoner
Dwarf Noble
Human Noble

Whichever Origins story you go through, they all lead to the start of the main plot, a coming battle between the Darkspawn Hordes and the armies of Ferelden at the fortress of Ostagar.

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