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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Shadows of Amn  |  Throne of Bhaal  
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The Machine of Lum the Mad
The Machine of Lum the Mad  |  Mind Flayer Area  |  Githyanki Area  |  Saladrex's Lair  |  The Demilich's Room  


This area is of course crawling with Githyanki. And of course they are all intent on killing you!

  1. This is where you arrive from the Machine of Lum the Mad area. You will immediately be under attack from several Githyanki. Each of them drops mundane stuff and a Potion of Extra Healing.

    The chest at (x=890, y=560) contains the Flint and Tinder. Hang on to it!

    The chest at (x=915, y=520) is trapped. Loot it for 2 Potions of Superior Healing, a Potion of Healing, 20 Darts +1, and 20 Darts of Stunning.

    The chest at (x=1150, y=310 contains an Adventurer's Robe, a Wand of the Heavens, and minor treasure.

  2. Here are more Githyanki.

    The container at (x=420, y=840) contains 40 Bullets +3 and minor treasure.

    The container at (x=390, y=960) contains 40 Bolts +3, a Wand of Spell Striking, and a Handwritten Note.

  3. In this room are several Githyanki, including a Githyanki Captain who drops the long sword Angurvadal +4 and the Diary of Carston's Apprentice.

    Loot the pool at (x=1550, y=1700) for the Purple Oil.

    Loot the dragon skeleton's mouth for a Scroll of Spell Shield and Montolio's Clasp.

  4. These stairs lead to Saladrex' Lair.

  5. These stairs lead to the Demilich Room.

  6. Here are more Githyanki wishing to do you in.

    The container at (x=1510, y=970) contains 40 Arrows +3 and 5 Potions of Extra Healing.

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