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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

Watcher's Keep: Outside  |  Ritual Level  |  Elemental Level  |  Maze Level  |  The Machine of Lum the Mad  |  The Final Seal  |  The Imprisoned One
Shadows of Amn  |  Throne of Bhaal  
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The Machine of Lum the Mad
The Machine of Lum the Mad  |  Mind Flayer Area  |  Githyanki Area  |  Saladrex's Lair  |  The Demilich's Room  


This area is of course crawling with Mind Flayers and their pets, so make sure to have psionic protection up at all times. Chaotic Commands on as many characters as possible is a must.

  1. This is where you arrive from the Machine of Lum the Mad area.

  2. Here you will have to fight a Mind Flayer and four Umber Hulks.

  3. This area is guarded by three Umber Hulks. Loot the central container for a Wand of Cursing, an Illithid Rod, and random treasure.

  4. Here will be a Mind Flayer and four Umber Hulks.

    The container at (x=1600, y=930) contains 5 Potions of Extra Healing, a Handwritten Note, and minor treasure.

    The container at (x=1940, y=1000) contains 5 Potions of Extra Healing and minor treasure.

  5. In this room you will find Carston's Apprentice. He tells you as much as that the Machine of Lum the Mad is the key to getting out of here – and then he dies.

    His cot can be looted for 2 Potions of Superior Healing, a Wand of Magic Missile, and minor treasure.

  6. There's a trap in this hallway.

  7. This room is guarded by an Ulitharid, two Mind Flayers, and four Umber Hulks. The Ulitharid drops an Illithid Rod. With the other rod found at 3, they merge to form a key needed in another area.

    The center of the room is trapped and can be looted for 40 Arrows +3, 40 Bullets +3, 10 Bullets +4, and minor treasure.

  8. There's a trap in this hallway.

  9. To open the door into this room, you need both the Illithid Rods from 3 and 7.

    Before looting the central pool for the Red Oil, place some of your characters in front of the two "closets" in the room and prepare for a battle with level-draining Mind Flayers. Out come two Vampiric Illithids, and the door slams shut. Kill the two Vampiric Illithids for 14,000 XP apiece, and the door opens again.

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