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Logan, M NG Human Frenzied Berserker 10, Weapon Master 8, Divine Champion 6, Fighter 6


This character is in my view an ultimate Damage Dealer build. The OC and MotB discourage a build based on inflicting critical hits, since undead permeate the later stages of the OC and almost everything in MotB is crit-immune. Not so in SoZ, where almost everything is subject to critical hits, including the end enemies of the expansion, the Yuan-ti. A key part of the build is to include enough Weapon Master levels in order to both increase the critical hit range of a weapon that already has a good range, in this case the Falchion, and increase its critical hit damage modifier.

The reason for my preference for a Falchion, besides the critical hit range, is that Power Attack will lead to even more damage when using a two-handed weapon in comparison with a one-handed weapon. In fact, the Supreme Power Attack ability that comes with the 10th level in Frenzied Berserker will add +24 damage to each attack, and that in turn is included with every critical hit the character inflicts.

Another key ability is Supreme Cleave, available from the 2nd level in Frenzied Berserker, which adds two attacks to an adjacent target following a fatal blow on the initial target.

Divine Champions levels are sprinkled in to get some desired feats.


A Damage Dealer build should never emphasize anything other than Strength.



There's a bug whereby I normally would be unable to take bonus feats from Fighter or Divine Champion levels that enhance fighting ability with either a Falchion or a Warmace. I download a fix for that from this link.

1st level (Fighter 1): Dodge - An extra bonus to armor class is always welcome, but it's also a prerequisite for Weapon Master.

Power Attack - This character will pretty much always be in Power Attack mode, since Power Attack leads to more damage when a two-handed weapon is being used. It's also the first in a line of feats that are prerequisites for the Frenzied Berserker class.

Weapon Focus (Falchion) - Logan will emphasize the two-handed use of a Falchion. The feat is also a prerequisite for both the Weapon Master and the Divine Champion classes.

2nd level (Fighter 2): Cleave - Extra-Attacks are always nice, but it's also a prerequisite for the Frenzied Berserker.

3rd level (Fighter 3): Mobility - It's one of the prerequisites for Weapon Master.

4th level (Fighter 4): Great Cleave - Another prerequisite for the Frenzied Berserker. It is conceivable that Greater Cleave may activate on a regular basis for this build. The Supreme Power Attack and Supreme Cleave abilities that I'll acquire later on, combined with the high probability for triple-damage critical hits, can result in massive damage to adjacent targets following a killing blow on the initial target.

5th level (Fighter 5): No feat selected.

6th level (Fighter 6): Spring Attack - I don't really use it. It's a prerequisite to unlocking the Weapon Master prestige class.

Combat Expertise - Same thing.

7th level (Frenzied Berserker 1): Toughness - Automatically acquired upon getting the first level in Frenzied Berserker.

8th level (Frenzied Berserker 2): Supreme Cleave - Automatically acquired upon getting the second level in Frenzied Berserker. It confers two attacks on an adjacent target following a death blow on the original target monster. The prospect of two Cleave attacks, in combination with highly damaging criticals, is what gives the Great Cleave ability lasting value throughout the campaign.

9th level (Divine Champion 1): Whirlwind Attack - Not especially useful in its own right. The point is that it's a prerequisite for the Weapon Master prestige class.

10th level (Divine Champion 2): Improved Critical (Falchion) - All part of the plan to maximize the damage Logan inflicts with a Falchion.

11th level (Weapon Master 1): No feat selected.

12th level (Weapon Master 2): Improved Power Attack - Allows Logan to trade a -6 penalty in attack penalty in exchange for a +12 bonus to damage. That bonus damage will increase to +20 once he obtains the Enhanced Power Attack through more Frenzied Berserker levels.

13th level (Weapon Master 3): No feat selected.

14th level (Weapon Master 4): No feat selected.

15th level (Weapon Master 5): Superior Weapon Focus (Falchion) - Obtained automatically on gaining the 5th level as a Weapon Master. It adds another +1 attack bonus with the Falchion.

Increased Multiplier - Obtained automatically on gaining the 5th level as a Weapon Master. It increases the critical hit damage modifier from his falchion from x2 to x3. This is one of the key benefits that I had been aiming for.

Power Critical (Falchion) - This is the feat I selected during level up. It adds a +4 bonus to the confirmation roll for whenever Logan makes the initial roll for a critical hit. This is a perfectly sensible choice since Logan will both always have a high critical hit range with his Falchion, and will always be keeping his Improved Power Attack mode active. I do what I can to maximize my chances of landing critical hits.

16th level (Weapon Master 6): No feat selected.

17th level (Weapon Master 7): Ki Critical - Automatically obtained on the 7th level of Weapon Master. This doubles the already impressive critical hit range of Logan's Falchion, and even stacks with the Improved Critical (Falchion) feat.

18th level (Frenzied Berserker 3): Weapon Specialization (Falchion) - Adds +2 to Logan's damage with his Falchion.

19th level (Frenzied Berserker 4): No feat selected.

20th level (Frenzied Berserker 5): Enhanced Power Attack - Increases damage from using Power Attack to +6, and from using Improved Power Attack to +10. Those bonuses increase even further when using a two-handed weapon to +10 and +20 respectively.

It is tempting at this point to take the other 5 levels in Frenzied Berserker in order to obtain the Supreme Power Attack feat. The bonuses for Logan when he uses his two-handed Falchion in combination with Improved Power Attack would then increase to +24. However, I instead prefer to begin taking up more Fighter and Divine Champion levels after this. The extra feats that I acquire will more than make up for the +4 difference in damage.

21st level (Fighter 7): Great Strength +1 - It's all about Strength for a Damage Dealer.

22nd level (Fighter 8): Greater Weapon Focus (Falchion) - I qualify for this feat with my eighth Fighter level. I definitely want bonus feats that increase my attack bonus that will offset the penalty for using the Improved Power Attack mode.

23rd level (Fighter 9): Great Strength +2 - And so on ...

24th level (Fighter 10): Overwhelming Critical (Falchion) - Available as a bonus feat upon taking an even-numbered Fighter level. The feat adds bonus massive critical damage, obviating the need to add the massive critical enchantment to Logan's falchion. And since Logan, through his Weapon Master levels, has raised his critical hit modifier from x2 to x3, the massive critical damage becomes +2d6 instead of the usual +1d6.

25th level (Fighter 11): Great Strength +3 - And so on ...

26th level (Fighter 12): Greater Weapon Specialization (Falchion) - Available as a bonus feat upon taking my 12th level in Fighter. Adds a further +2 bonus to damage with Logan's Falchion. Within my build, this will be my only chance to pick up the feat so I have to take it now.

27th level (Divine Champion 3): Great Strength +4 - And so on ... I previously took Fighter levels because I wanted certain bonus feats, but also because I needed a minimum 12 levels in Fighter to qualify for the Epic Weapon Specialization (Falchion) feat. But now I switch to Divine Champion, both because Divine Champion will now allow me access to those same bonus epic feats that I am targeting, but with the added benefit that I also raise my saving throws through the Sacred Defense ability.

28th level (Divine Champion 4): Epic Weapon Focus (Falchion) - Taken as a bonus feat from the 4th level in Divine Champion. It gives Logan a +2 bonus to attack bonus with his Falchion, and it stacks with the bonus provided by his Greater Weapon Focus (Falchion) feat.

29th level (Divine Champion 5): Great Strength +5 - Between taking this feat five times, and taking +1 Strength during every fourth level-up, Logan's strength now hits an even number total of 28. And that's even before adding a Strength enhancing belt.

30th level (Divine Champion 6): Epic Weapon Specialization (Falchion) - Replaces the Greater Weapon Specialization feat, and adds +6 damage to Logan's attack.

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