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Finch, M CG Half-Elf Bard 28 / Shadowdancer 1 / Warlock 1


Finch's role is fairly simple. He keeps his Inspire Defense active while using his Hide in Plain Sight ability (acquired through a level of Shadowdancer) to keep himself safe. He can use the Curse Song without blowing his cover as well.


It's Charisma all the way, as it will empower all at once his inspirations, songs and spells.


Finch initially emphasizes:

I give him 5 Tumble, 10 Hide, and 8 Move Silently during his next few level ups, so that he meets the prerequisites for Shadowdancer. After that, I emphasize Perform, Spellcraft, Hide, Move Silently, and Tumble.


Starting Feats (Bard 10):

Combat Casting

  • Curse Song
  • Extra Song
  • Lingering Song
  • 11th level (Bard 11): No feat selected.

    12th level (Bard 12): Dodge - A prerequisite for the Shadowdancer prestige class.

    13th level (Bard 13): No feat selected

    14th level (Bard 14): No feat selected.

    15th level (Warlock 1): Mobility - The last prerequisite for the Shadowdancer prestige class. I took a single level of Warlock at this point so that Finch gains the Dark One's Own Luck invocation, which will allow him to raise his saving throws for 24 hours in proportion to his Charisma bonus modifier.

    16th level (Shadowdancer 1): Hide in Plain Sight - The concept behind the build is a simple one. Finch can activate Inspire Defense, step right into the thick of things, and then go into Stealth mode. The Inspire Defense buff allows Janette, Gallard and Logan to do their thing, while Finch has little fear of harm for himself since none of the enemies will notice him. He can also use his Curse Sing without blowing his cover as well.

    17th level (Bard 15): No feat selected.

    18th level (Bard 16): Skill Focus (Perform) - To enhance the power of the Curse Song, and to enhance the power of the Hymn of Requiem during epic levels.

    19th level (Bard 17): No feat selected.

    20th level (Bard 18): No feat selected.

    21st level (Bard 19): Great Charisma +1 - Charisma enhances his spells and people skills. Most importantly, it raises his Perform skill rank, which in turn raises the power of his songs and inspirations.

    22nd level (Bard 20): No feat selected.

    23nd level (Bard 21): Song of Requiem - It basically takes an amount of sonic damage, equal to twice the Perform rank, and divides it amongst the number of foes caught within a 20 feet radius of the Bard. The sonic damage takes effect for each of the next five rounds. Also, it won't break Finch's stealth mode when he uses it.

    24th level (Bard 22): No feat selected.

    25th level (Bard 23): Great Charisma +1 - Charisma is obviously the key attribute for any Bard build.
    Great Charisma +2 - And so on ...

    26th level (Bard 24): No feat selected.

    27th level (Bard 25): Hymn of Requiem - An upgrade on the Song of Requiem in that it not only inflicts the sonic damage on enemies, it will now also heal party members by the same amount. Both the sonic damage and the healing occur over the course of five combat rounds. And it still won't break Finch's stealth mode.

    28th level (Bard 26): No feat selected.

    29th level (Bard 27): Great Charisma +3 - And so on ... and I hit an even number integer for Charisma at the end of things.

    30th level (Bard 28): No feat selected.


    Starting Spells (Bard 10)

    11th Level: No spells selected.

    12th Level: Cure Critical Wounds - A healing option in case I need to use it.

    13th Level: Greater Heroism - A useful buff that can give him both combat and skill bonuses.

    Ethereal Visage - A useful defensive spell that provides 20% concealment, immunity to 1st and 2nd level spells, and damage reduction that can only be penetrated by adamantine weapons.

    Neutralize Poison - Foes capable of inflicting poison are quite frequent, so this spell is potentially useful in certain fights.

    14th Level: Song of Discord - Like a confusion spell, but with a higher saving throw DC.

    *Note* I also switch out his previous Cloud of Bewilderment for an Eagle's Splendour spell, which will allow me to craft Cloaks of Charisma +6.

    15th Level: No spells selected.

    16th Level: Dirge - Potentially a powerful spell that inflicts Strength and Dexterity penalties only on enemies within the area of effect.

    Greater Shout - Finch is the only character in my party who can use this spell that combines sonic damage and stunning in a cone area of effect. So I grab the chance to take it for him.

    Mind Fog - Can potentially weaken enemies' mental resistances, so as to soften them for something like a Song of Discord.

    Remove Fear - Utility spells are always good to take at lower spell levels.

    17th Level: Superior Resistance - Conceivably allows Finch to raise everybody's spell resistance in anticipation of special magic-intense fights.

    18th Level: Mass Curse of Impending Blade - Inflicts a -2 penalty to attack bonus on its targets. I suppose the point is to allow Finch to bring in a card that the characters don`t.

    19th Level: Ice Storm - An offensive spell that is not available to other party members. Also, its damage is not capped.

    Freedom of Movement - A possible utility spell if nothing else.

    20th Level: Greater Dispel Magic - A selection more for the sake of versatility than anything else.

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