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Baldur's Gate 2 Online Walkthrough by Montresor

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Overview of Chapter 3  |  Quests in Chapter 3 
Chapter 3 Areas: If you sided with the Shadow Thieves
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall  
If you sided with Bodhi
The Graveyard District  |  The Shadow Thief Guildhall

The Graveyard District (allied with the Shadow Thieves)
The Lower Tombs  |  Bodhi's Inner Sanctum  


The southern part of this area looks just like it did in Chapter 2 but the northern part, where the Vampires make their abode, is now available. You will have to fight your way from one of the entrances to 14 where Haz is waiting for you.

NOTE: Number 1 to 13 are the same as in Chapter 2.

  1. Here is an exit back to the Graveyard District.

  2. Here is a floor trap.

  3. Here you will be attacked by several Spiders, Sword Spiders and possibly a Phase Spider.

  4. Here is the entrance to the Southern Dungeons where you will have to go for Korgan's and Edwin's quests.

  5. Here is another spider ambush waiting for you.

  6. Here is the entrance to Paina's Lair. Outside the entrance you will have to fight two Sword Spiders and a Phase Spider.

    Inside the entrance waits Paina, a Drow Priestess, along with a large number of Spiders. A quick Fireball should reduce their numbers; otherwise you may find yourself overwhelmed.

    Paina drops the Black Spider Figurine and a Quarterstaff.

    Search the floor at (x=540, y=380) for the Pale Green Ioun Stone and scrolls of Spell Immunity and Spider Spawn.

  7. Here is another spider ambush.

  8. Here is a floor trap. The nearby chest is also trapped. It contains Scrolls of Ray of Enfeeblement and Minor Spell Deflection, a Wooden Stake, 80 Arrows, 30 Throwing Axes, and 40 Bolts.

  9. Here is another trapped chest. It contains a Scroll of Protection from Fire, 80 Bolts, 40 Darts, 30 Throwing Daggers, and random treasure.

  10. Here is a floor trap.

  11. Here is an exit to the Graveyard District.

  12. Here is yet another spider ambush.

  13. Here is an exit to the Graveyard District.

  14. This is where Haz, Aran Linvail's Wizard, meets you. He has brought a Golem to open the doors at 16.

    Haz follows you as an uncontrollable NPC. Once the fighting starts, he usually gets killed in very short order. Make sure to loot his corpse for a Staff Mace +2.

  15. Here Lassal greets you before running away. You will have to fight a few Grimwarders.

  16. Here is the large door, now open.

  17. In this room you will have to fight a Vampire called Gellet, a Fledgling Vampire, and a Greater Ghoul.

  18. Search the table for a Wooden Stake.

    The chest can be looted for a Wooden Stake, a Scroll of Identify, and minor treasure.

  19. Here you will have to fight a Clay Golem.

    Once done, you can come back here and stake one of the chests for 9,000 XP the first two times you have killed a named Vampire. The third chest can't be staked until you have killed Lassall.

  20. Here is a vampire called Durst, a Fledgling Vampire, and a Greater Ghoul.

    Search the blood-filled tub for the Mace of Disruption +1, and make sure to identify it and give it to any NPC who fights Vampires in melee combat. It has the ability to kill undead creatures outright.

  21. Before venturing down here, prepare for battle. You will be fighting Tanova, a Vampire Mage, along with a Fledgling Vampire. Tanova's Confusion and Holding spells can be devastating to an unprepared party.

  22. Here is the room of bleeding. You will come here in due order to fight Lassal.

  23. Here is the entrance to Bodhi's Sanctum.

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