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Neverwinter Nights 2 Online Walkthrough by David Milward

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Crossroad Keep:   Crossroad Keep  |  Crossroad Keep Interior  |  Crossroad Keep Basement  |  Crossroad Keep Church  |  Merchant Quarter

Merchant Quarter, Act III

Merchant Quarter Map

  1. World Map Transition.

  2. Here you’ll find a partially celestial being who calls herself Light of Heaven. If you identify yourself as good-aligned, then she is a potential sergeant for your keep. She’ll insist on testing you three times in one on one combat and this is the first time. During each of the three combats, your companions will be temporarily out of the party. Be mindful that she is pretty deadly with her sword, and she can heal herself repeatedly.

    Her next appearance will be near the World Map Transition at the north end of Port Llast. Mind you that you have the option of meeting her here for the first time as well.

    Her last appearance will be near where the miners Pentin and Calindra would normally appear in the Crossroad Keep where she promises to hold nothing back. If you defeat her this time, she’ll become a sergeant for your Keep and appears near the church grounds.

    If you identify yourself as evil the first time you meet her, it becomes a duel to the death. If you succeed, she’ll leave behind a Bastard Sword +3, a Heavy Shield +5 and a Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Evil.

  3. If you haven’t recruited him for your keep already, Deekin will still be here and can be talked into running your merchant shop for you. He’ll sell the same wares as before.

  4. If you joined up with the Shadow Thieves during Act I, Uncus will at some point let you know that Axle Deivre wants to speak to you. If you joined the City Watch, there’s no entering this building. Axle will ask you questions about how you’ve been running the keep. At some point, he cuts to the business at hand. He and Moire have become mortal rivals. He wants you to off her for him. You have to discover her hideout, which can only be discovered by somehow prying the information out of her cohorts, the locations of which are provided below. If you decide to kill Axle now, none of Moire’s cohorts will appear and you won’t be able to discover her hideout.

    If you do complete the mission, chances are Axle will attack you anyway.  Keep in mind that you’ll be in a room by yourself whenever you speak to him.  He’ll be assisted by more Shadow Thieves. You’ll be by yourself while your companions will have to deal with more Shadow Thieves outside the door.  Your companions will have to loot one of their bodies to find a key that allows them to open the door to Axle’s office. Once your party manages to regroup and kill Axle, he’ll leave behind Bracers of Armor +4, a Cloak of Displacement, and The Dark Companion. The chests in his room will contain Anhur’s Favored Blade, a Ring of the Wood Elves and a Lesser Robe of Eyes. One of the Shadow Thieves will leave behind a Codex Necromantica.

  5. These thieves will appear once you’ve accepted Axle’s quest to kill Deivre.  They have nothing to say though and will attack you on sight.

  6. Here you’ll find more Thieves. Most of them will attack you. One however will stay neutral and afterwards you’ll be able to talk to him to find out what you’ll need to know.

  7. If you accepted Axle’s quest to kill Moire, you’ll find some Thieves trying to pull a break and enter. It doesn’t work out though and two will run for it. You can follow the blonde one to…

  8. Leldon’s old hideout, which is now Moire’s hideout. Follow the blonde thief here and you’ll learn the passwords. You should be able to enter now. Moire will offer her own proposition, 50,000gp and her dagger to kill Axle instead. Of course, you could decide to kill both instead. If you decide to finish the job for Axle, Moire will disappear and leave her guards to deal with her. You’ll have to fight through them and get to her in the back room. Once she’s dead, she’ll leave behind Leech.

  9. The City Watch Headquarters, which is now inaccessible.

  10. The Moonstone Mask, which is now inaccessible.

  11. The Temple of Tyr, which is now inaccessible. Hlam now awaits outside however, just in case Khelgar still wants to become a Monk.

  12. Here you’ll find a new merchant named Randolph. He’ll sell plenty of crafting materials, including rare goodies like Umber Hulk Hides, a Beljuril and a Blue Diamond. He also sells:

    Belt of Hill Giant Strength
    Boots of Reflexes +2
    Boots of the Sun Soul +2
    Boots of the Sun Soul +5
    Bracers of Armor +4
    Bracers of Dexterity +1
    Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    Gloves of the Hin Fist +2
    Gloves of the Yellow Rose +4
    Headband of Intellect +4
    Nymph Cloak +4
    Robe of the Shining Hand +5
    Amulet of Natural Armor +3
    Amulet of Vitality +2
    Amulet of Will +4
    Bone Wand
    Ring of Divine Power (2)
    Ring of Fortitude +4
    Ring of Protection +2
    Ring of Resistance +2
    Ring of Wizardry (4)
    Scarab of Protection +3
    Wand of Lightning
    Wand of Missiles

  13. Here you’ll find Billy Logan, who sells crafting materials including a Red Dragon Hide, as well as:

    Gloves of the Hin Fist +4
    Arrows +2
    Bastard Sword +3
    Battle Axe +3
    Bolts +2
    Bullets +2
    Bullets of Screaming
    Bullets of Smiting
    Club +3
    Composite Shortbow +3
    Crossbow of Accuracy
    Dagger +3
    Darts +2
    Darts of Accuracy
    Dwarven Waraxe +3
    Falchion +3
    Flail +3
    Flail +4
    Giant’s Bane
    Greataxe +3
    Greatsword +3
    Halberd +3
    Handaxe +3
    Heartwood Spear
    Heavy Crossbow +3
    Kama +3
    Katana +3
    Kukri +3
    Light Crossbow +3
    Light Hammer +3
    Longbow +3
    Long Sword +3
    Long Sword +4
    Mace +3
    Nameless Light
    Paralytic Bolts
    Petty’s Tempest
    Piercing Arrows
    Quarterstaff +3
    Rapier +3
    Scimitar +3
    Scimitar of Speed
    Scythe +3
    Sea Reaver +2
    Shining Light
    Short Sword +3
    Shortbow +3
    Shurikens +2
    Sickle +3
    Sling +3
    Sling of Seeking
    Spear +3
    The Brute
    Throwing Axes +2
    Thunderbeast Axes
    Warhammer +3
    Warmace +3

  14. Here you’ll find Joy, whom you can talk into being a dancer in the Phoenix Tail Inn at the Crossroad Keep. If you’re evil, you may have to pull off a Bluff of Diplomacy check.
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