Sword Coast Stratagems 2 Walkthrough by David Milward

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Chapter 8  
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Forest Spirits

The video starts with the opening movie for Throne of Bhaal. Avastrian then simply speaks with the Forest Spirits to get vague references to a prophecy involving Bhaalspawn.


Now I have a few moments to prepare. There's a few things I need to say about Illasera first. Illasera's primary power is the ability to shoot arrows that always hit, remove the target's spell buffs, and leave the target with a Miscast Magic that prevents the target from casting spells. A key preparation is for Jaheira to switch over to the Reflection Shield, which will reflect the arrows back at Illasera and act as a foil against Illasera's special power.

Illasera's other power is the ability to go ethereal, providing her with an opportunity to recoup herself. True Seeing won't work to reveal her. However, creatures that can see invisible creatures will be able to continue targeting Illasera. Another key preparation is for Imoen to summon a Planetar, which will be Hasted and can constantly hound Illasera no matter what she tries.

Once combat begins I have Jaheira and the Planetar stay on top of Illasera. SCS2 enhances Illasera's AI in that she'll recognize if a character has a Physical Mirror-effect in play and then aim her arrows at other characters within view instead. I thus have other characters retreat to outside of Illasera's fog of war and stay outside of it.

The rest of the party occupy themselves with taking out the Black Reavers with standard tactics. Chances are, like in this playthrough, I won't be able to get all of them before the Planetar finishes off Illasera. But I will at least get as many of them as I can before that happens, both for the xp and for the loot.

I pause and loot when either Illasera or one of her Black Reavers falls, because once Illasera dies I'll soon get transported elsewhere and I won't be able to return to the Grove. Get the booty now while you still can. Illasera herself leaves behind a Sylvan Chainmail +2, a Dagger +2, and (this I want in particular) Boots of Speed.

The party is soon transported to the Pocket Plane.

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