Sword Coast Stratagems for Baldur's Gate 2 Walkthrough by David Milward

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Chapter 2  
Shadow Thief Contact  |  Cult of the Unseeing Eye  |  Anomen and Keldorn  |  Slave Lords  | 


Gaelan Bayle

Now I head over to the Slums district, and speak at length with Gaelan Bayle about rescuing Imoen. I'll need 20,000gp to get things started.

The video then continues with a cutscene of the Cowled Wizards condemning both Irenicus and Imoen to imprisonment in a place called Spellhold.

I then go outside, and a boy named Brus escorts me to the Copper Coronet. The romance with Jaheira begins.

Anomen Delryn

Now I enter the Copper Coronet. I make sure to stay only on the right side since I don't want to start Nalia's quest just yet. I speak with Anomen and then recruit him into my party.

Note that I gave him the Girdle of Bluntness that I found earlier. There's a reason for this. A frequent foe that I encounter are Clay Golems, which can only be hurt be magical blunt weapons. Given this fact, I often rely on Anomen to go toe to toe with them. It thus makes sense to give him extra armor class against the bludgeoning attacks that golems use.

As for where to go next, the choice is an easy one. I want to get my last party member to join, and raise some gold for Imoen's rescue at the same time. I thus begin the quest involving the Cult of the Unseeing Eye.

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