Sword Coast Stratagems 2 Walkthrough by David Milward

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Chapter 3  
Shadow Thieves  |  Joining Bodhi  |  Catacombs  | 


After getting competing offers, you have a choice. One choice is to see Gaelan Bayle and join the Shadow Thieves, which is the choice taken by Avastrian and the good party. The other choice is to join their vampire rivals, which is the choice taken by Asteroth and the evil party.

You don't have to make a choice right away. Asteroth spends his gold all the time to prevent Valen from appearing so he can make his choice later, and after he's finished several side quests. Avastrian, however, wants to get Imoen back as soon as possible.

He Comes! He's Here!

The party pays Gaelan Bayle 15,000gp, and receives a key to enter the Shadow Thieves' headquarters from him to start Chapter 3. Irenicus escapes from his imprisonment by the Cowled Wizards and takes Imoen captive.

The party makes to leave the Slums, but gets attacked by a Shady Character along the way. They kill him easily.

Mad Cleric of Cyric

The party now heads over to the Docks. Yoshimo attempts to persuade Avastrian to see somebody named Renal Bloodscalp upon arrival.

I continue towards the headquarters of the Shadow Thieves. I get attacked by a Mad Cleric of Cyric, but surrounding him and hacking him still works as always.

Cuchul, Mitsu and Missy

Now I go in through the front door, and then north, and through another door to go downstairs.

There will be a large room to the east. I speak briefly with a couple of members, Cuchul and Mitsu. I open a secret door leading to Aran Linvail, but I want to explore this place more thoroughly.

Instead I go towards the southwest corner, and speak with a rather nervous coat-checker named Missy.

Shadow Thief Training

Now the party begins to explore the north and west portions of this level, and witness several training exercises conducted by the Shadow Thieves along the way. The party wants to make its way towards a central room, where a gangway is looking down on them so to speak.

Shadow Thief Traitor

The party now heads north, and enters a room with a lone Shadow Thief standing in its middle. The Shadow Thief wants Avastrian to join him in a coup against Aran Linvail. Only another Shadow Thief has overheard the conversation, and invites me to join in the execution. I kill the traitor for 140xp, but note how I frequently hit the pause button. The reason is the party will carry through to the other Shadow Thief if I let them, so I pause frequently to stop it in time and simply speak to him. This way, the rest of the guild won't go hostile.

The traitor leaves behind a Ring of Lockpicks (+25% Open Locks), which will be useful in its own right during the interim but will eventually become part of the Gloves of the Master Thief (from the Item Upgrade mod).

Shadow Thief Torturer

Now the party backtracks to where they first entered this level. I then show for interest's sake exploring the rooms to the east whereby the party learns what happens to those who prove disloyal to the Guild.

Aran Linvail

Now I go back, and then up the long hallway past the secret door that I previously opened. At the end is Aran Linvail, the master of the Shadow Thieves in Athkatla. To make it short he provides me with the following:

Aran Linvail also has a few jobs for me. The first is to bodyguard a woman named Mook.


Now the party leaves the guildhall, and then rests until night. They head south. A now occasional occurrence will be Vampires and Shadow Thieves fighting each other in the streets. In this instance I run into a Vampire named Hareishan fighting a few Vampires. I attack Hareishan, since I'm aligned with the Shadow Thieves and since Vampires are worth the xp. Note that I have Avastrian, protected by his Amulet of Power, put himself first and foremost. This results in Hareishan targeting him, taking the heat off of other party members.

I continue on to the pier at the southwest corner, and then speak with Mook. A Vampire named Lassal shows up and kills her. Vampires are improved in SCS2. They'll physically target players who aren't protected with immunity against level draining. If they become aware that a character is protected by something like Chaotic Commands, they'll target somebody else with their Domination power. All vampires used to use a bat swarm that was similar to a Druid's Insect Plague in older versions of SCS2. The latest release tones this down somewhat with often different summons, and in this instance Lassal summons a pair of Giant Rats. Vampires can also still go into a mist cloud state in an attempt to recover, although in the latest release this doesn't render them completely immune to damage. It simply makes them harder to hit. In this instance it was enough to Haste the party to bring down Lassal, and wear him down ever after he enters his cloud state.

I then report events to Aran Linvail. His next job is to investigate traitors in the Bridge District.


Now I make for the Bridge District, only I get interrupted along the way. Some Thugs are gloating over an apparently injured man, and they decide they can't leave me alive as witnesses. This battle is easily won after Jaheira catches all of them with an Insect Plague.

I agree to bring Renfeld to a building towards the southwest corner of the docks, which is actually the Harper Hold in Athkatla. I get 14,500xp and 125gp for my efforts.

Jaylos, Caehan and Gracen

Now I head over to the Bridge District. Lieutenant Aegisfield informs me of recent events as soon as I arrive, but this quest can wait.

I then head over to the Five Flagons Inn, and rest up on the first floor. I then go upstairs, and have Yoshimo loot the chests for treasure.

I then go into the room second on the left, where I find the traitorous Shadow Thieves, Jaylos and Caehan. It doesn't matter which dialogue options I choose, a fight is inevitable. Keldorn's True Seeing keeps Caehan's backstabbing to a minimum. The fight is otherwise easily won.

Their contact, Gracen, soon arrives. Again it doesn't matter which dialogue options I choose. A fight is going to happen, but it's easily won since he's by himself. He leaves behind some potions, a Two-Handed Sword +2, and a note indicating that the rival guild is hiding out in the Graveyard district.

I report back to Aran Linvail for an xp reward, and he orders me to seek out the rival guild in the Catacombs beneath the Graveyard District.

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