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Baldur's Gate II Solution by Sylvus Moonbow

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Spell Listing

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Getting Here:  Finish Chapter 3 and take a boat to the island.

     "A far away place indeed is Brynnlaw. Scattered pirates and outlaws make this island port very dangerous to regular folk like yourselves. Pirates ain't be liking your kind snooping around on their turf so best ye be careful if ye happen to land port in 'er harbour.

     Sides all the backstabbin', Brynnlaw is a lovely place to seduce the fair maiden or rest thy bones on the sandy beaches, that is if ye survive long enough to do it! Har-har I say! Har-Har!"

Brynnlaw  |  Map | All Quests | All Items | All Monsters
Brynnlaw's Goods
The People

Brynnlaw  -  Shops  -  Brynnlaw's Goods

Outside Brynnlaw Goods
Outside Brynnlaw Goods
Inside Brynnlaw Goods
Inside Brynnlaw Goods

     The only haven to purchase and sell goods will come in very handy, especially if you failed to unload any of the items you wanted to sell while in Athkatla, you will be happy to know you can do it here as well as after. The prices are fair and will obviously vary depending on your own reputation and for the most part, items sold here won't be of much use to a higher level party as most of the items being sold here are +1 or +2 and you'll have found much better in your adventures on the main land. A few spells litter the pile as well as potions but it may be worth a look depending on what it is you are looking for.

Arrows +2 524gp
Bolt +1 [40] 262gp
Bullet +2 [40] 262gp
Small Shield +2 3,275gp
Plate Mail +1 6,550gp
Leather Armor +1 1,310gp
Studded Leather Armor +1 1,965gp
Chain Mail +1 2,096gp
Splint Mail +1 2,620gp
Small Shield +1 1,310gp
Medium Shield +1 1,965gp
Large Shield +1 2,620gp
Scimitar +1 1,310gp
Two Handed Sword +1 1,179gp
Bastard Sword +1 3,275gp
Long Sword +1 1,637gp
Short Sword +1 1,048gp
Katana +1 1,310gp
Spear +1 1,310gp
Flail +1 2,620gp
Mace +1 1,965gp
Morning Star +1 2,358gp
Heavy Crossbow +1 3,930gp
Large Crossbow +1 3,275gp
Composite Long Bow +1 3,275gp
Long Bow +1 2,096gp
Short Bow +1 458gp
Sling +1 131gp
Battle Axe +1 1,965gp
Dagger +1 393gp
Halberd +1 2,620gp
Dart +1 [20] 209gp
Antidote 131gp
Potion of Hill Giant Strength 393gp
Potion of Fortitude 655gp
Potion of Agility 393gp
Find Familiar Spell [Wizard] 131gp
Power Word Sleep Spell [Wizard] 262gp
Ray of Enfeeblement Spell [Wizard] 262gp
Minor Spell Deflection Spell [Wizard] 393gp
Protection from Fire Scroll 393gp
Protection from Normal Weapons Spell [Wizard] 1,310gp
Breach Spell [Wizard] 1,310gp
Lower Resistance Spell [Wizard] 1,310gp
Oracle Spell [Wizard] 1,310gp
Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental Spell [Wizard] 1,310gp
Chain Lightning Spell [Wizard] 2,620gp
Disintegrate Spell [Wizard] 2,620gp
Spell Deflection Spell [Wizard] 2,620gp
Contingency Spell [Wizard] 2,620gp
Restoration Spell [Wizard] 982gp

Brynnlaw  -  Brynnlaw's Goods  |  Shop Statistics...

  • Shopkeeper
  • No available quests
  • All items listed above

Brynnlaw  |  Map | All Quests | All Items | All Monsters
The Vulgar Monkey Inn
The People

Brynnlaw  -  Inns  -  The Vulgar Monkey Inn

Outside of The Vulgar Monkey Inn
Outside the Vulgar Monkey Inn
Inside of The Vulgar Monkey Inn
Inside of The Vulgar Monkey Inn

     This establishment is really nothing like its name as drunken patrons sip away their blues and tell tales from the high seas as the common room is filled with pirates, more or less. You will be coming here to meet your contact Sanik, who will give you information regarding a way into Spellhold but before he is able to tell you anything, he is killed!

     The assassin, which appears during your conversation, will have a poisoned arrow ready for Sanik and when she appears, that very arrow will pierce his heart and he shall fall to the ground. As it was said, it seemed like Sanik had angered the wrong person, that being Lady Galvena who runs a courtesan parlor on the west side of Brynnlaw.

     Best you speak with the innkeeper and perhaps learn some information about Sanik and who else he may have told the information he was going to tell you to and be on your way.

Rassmusen Mead 7gp Peasant 1gp
Dragon's Beer 1gp Merchant 6gp
Winter Wine 15gp
Dark Island Stout 3gp
Elminster's Beer 1gp
Westgate Wine 8gp
Evermead 30gp

Brynnlaw  -  The Vulgar Monkey Inn  |  Inn Statistics...

  • Sanik [Notable Information Learned]
  • Assassin [900xp]
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Pirate Newt
  • Courtesan
  • Captn' Bob Holmes
  • Pirate
  • Pirate Scotty
  • Innkeeper
  • Pirate Paul
  • Pirate Jimmy
  • Pirate Dan
  • Pirate Bill
  • 19 Arrows +1
  • Short Bow +1
  • 1 exit/1 floor

Brynnlaw  |  Map | All Quests | All Items | All Monsters
Perth the Adept's House  Caya's Home
Lady Galvena's Parlor House  Pirate Lord's Home
The People

Brynnlaw  -  Houses  -  Perth the Adept's House

Outside of Perth the Adept's House
Outside of Perth the Adept's House
Inside of Perth the Adept's House
Inside of Perth the Adept's House

     Perth the Adept lives in this house which overlooks the streets of Brynnlaw and the harbour below and it is this very man that can help you gain access into Spellhold but be weary for he has a mean side to him.

     Perth the Adept holds an item that can get you to where you wish to go and that very item is the ASYLUM WARDSTONE that if you have in your possession, will get you into the strangely built building. Although he is alone in his home, the battle that takes place could cause you some harm if Perth is able to weave a few spells of power that could very well bring the party to its knees. So battle quick, especially if you are here for the ASYLUM WARDSTONE.

Brynnlaw  -  Perth the Adept's House  |  House Statistics...

  • Perth the Adept [20,000xp]
  • Book of Infinite Spells
  • 4 Potions of Extra Healing

Brynnlaw  -  Houses  -  Caya's House

Outside Caya's House
Outside Caya's House
Inside Caya's House
Inside Caya's House

     An empty house on the western edge of Brynnlaw at the time of print and nothing was even found inside that was of any interest to the party. Whoever this Caya is, hopefully we will get to meet them before we are finished visiting Brynnlaw and if I do come across Caya, this portion will quickly be updated.

Brynnlaw  -  Caya's House  |  House Statistics...

  • Empty
  • No available quests
  • Identify Spell [Wizard]

Brynnlaw  -  Houses  -  Lady Galvena's Parlor House

Outside Lady Galvena's Parlor House
Outside Lady Galvena's Parlor House
Inside Lady Galvena's Parlor House
Inside Lady Galvena's Parlor House

     Welcome to Lady Galvena's Parlor House where you can find the most beautiful courtesans in all of Brynnlaw in case you happen to be looking for one. Gaining entry can only be done at specific times so you may have to come back at a later time if it is not open. Inside, one will find Front, who will need to see some type of identification if you wish to have an audience with Lady Galvena herself and to do this, one will have to have GALVENA'S MEDALLION with which then, Front will allow you to pass.

     If you do not have GALVENA'S MEDALLION and wish entry, you may always resort to force or even pick pocket Front for the GUILDHOUSE KEY which will also give you entry into the hallway beyond.

The Hallway
The Hallway

     Once you've gained entry by either having GALVENA'S MEDALLION or from using the GUILDHOUSE KEY, you will find yourself in a long hallway, its door at the far end being watched by Lady Galvena's personal guards and they will not open the door for anyone. Unless the Captain Guard has given the order, you won't be going very far so it is best to explore the rooms that span out from this hallway and see what you can find.

     There are three doors, one leading to the kitchen, another to Lady Galvena's bedroom and the last to the guard captain's room which you will want to eventually make your way to so you can get your hands on GALVENA'S KEY.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen

     The Kitchen is occupied by Ellie the cook and a courtesan who are busy making some food for Lady Galvena. Although they are a little surprised to see you mulling about, you should be polite and do your best to learn what you can from them as they do have some worth-while information regarding the guard captain, Lady Galvena and Claire.

     Grab yourself a light snack on your way out and do thank them for the information they have provided and make your way to get GALVENA'S KEY from the guard captain who can be found in one of the other rooms.

Lady Galvena's Bedroom
Lady Galvena's Bedroom

     Lady Galvena's room is very clean, well kept from the maids who make their rounds during the days she is out on business or simply enjoying the suns rays by the beach. Although there was mention that a copy of GALVENA'S KEY may lay here, searching this room will come up empty handed and it would seem that facing the guard captain will be the next best thing in getting what you'll need to get through the door in the hallway.

     Once you're ready, move on to the last room where the guard captain can be found along with GALVENA'S KEY.

Guard Captains Room
Guard Captain's Room

     Quite funny how this bedroom seems more lovely than Lady Galvena's own and it is here you will come across the guard captain who is holding GALVENA'S KEY. This will allow you to get through the door in the hallway and once you've started the battle, know that the guards who wait in the hallway will also become hostile so prepare yourself when you are leaving this bedroom.

     Once the guard captain has been taken care of, search the room for anything of worth and pick up GALVENA'S KEY and let us be on our way to where Claire can be found.

Lady Galvena's Prison
Lady Galvena's Prison

     You'll be just in time as Lady Galvena and her assistant Vadek are just about to take Claire's life and believe me, Lady Galvena will not be too happy about being interrupted. She will be very angry and of course, this will come down to a battle, which you should have no trouble winning.

     With Claire darting into one of the prison cells for safety, you are left to do as you wish to both Lady Galvena and Vadek and once the battle is over, go speak with Claire who will have much thanks to give to you and your companions.

Brynnlaw  -  Lady Galvena's Parlor House  |  House Statistics...

  • Guards [5,000xp/2,000/each]
  • Guard Captain [7,500xp]
  • Galvena [4,000xp]
  • Vadek [8,000xp]
  • Claire
  • Courtesan
  • Ellie
  • Leather Armor +3
  • Flail +2
  • Quarterstaff +2
  • Dart +1

Brynnlaw  -  Houses  -  Pirate Lord's Home

Outside of Pirate Lord's Home
Outside of Pirate Lord's Home
Inside of Pirate Lord's Home
Inside of Pirate Lord's Home

     A guarded house and rightly so for it houses Desharik, the lord of Brynnlaw and one who can be of use to you if you so wish it.

     First though, you will need to be given a reference to gain entry by the guard on post and to do so, you will also have to meet with Golin, a very well known smuggler in Brynnlaw. Finding him though will not be so easy because you will have to go through a series of tasks before you meet him. The most important task is saving Claire from Lady Galvena's Parlor House and if you do this, you will be given a reference by Golin and giving this to the guard will unlock the door into Desharik's home.

     Once inside, if you haven't bothered to get the ASYLUM WARDSTONE from Perth the Adept's House, then it is said you can get Desharik to also get you into Spellhold but rather than battling your way in, you would be committed. If you have done it this way by chance, please feel free to send me some e-mail regarding this situation and any experience you receive by doing it this way for I went the other way and used the ASYLUM WARDSTONE instead. I will give full credit to you for this part of the solution.

Brynnlaw  -  Pirate Lord's Home  |  House Statistics...

  • Desharik
  • 5 Potions of Extra Healing
  • Long Bow +2
  • 5 Arrows +2
  • Light Crossbow +1
  • 5 Bolts +2

Brynnlaw  |  Map | All Quests | All Items | All Monsters
Temple of Umberlee
The People

Brynnlaw  -  Temples  -  The Temple of Umberlee

Outside The Temple of Umberlee
Outside The Temple of Umberlee
Inside the Temple of Umberlee
Inside the Temple of Umberlee

     A beautiful temple this is once you make your way inside as numerous warm pools dot the floor, allowing you and your companions to sit back and relax while the Priestess of Umberlee tends to your needs. Here you will be able to find services to close bloodied wounds or bring those back from the dead.

     As well, one can purchase some potions for along the way and even a few protection spells that could come in handy down the road. It's worth checking out if you're in the area.

Cure Light Wounds 50gp
Cure Serious Wounds 150gp
Cure Critical Wounds 200gp
Heal 750gp
Dispel Magic 200gp
Remove Curse 350gp
Slow Poison 150gp
Raise Dead 1,200gp
Resurrection 1,800gp
Potion of Healing 98gp
Potion of Genius 393gp
Potion of Mind Focusing 655gp
Potion of Insight 393gp
Elixir of Health 327gp
Potion of Healing 196gp
Antidote 131gp
Potion of Cold Resistance 327gp
Potion of Fire Resistance 524gp
Stone to Flesh Scroll 196gp
Wand of the Heavens 982gp
Staff Mace 1,965gp
Clerics Staff +3 7,205gp
Girdle of Bluntness 1,965gp
Protection from Acid Scroll 982gp
Protection from Fire Scroll 982gp
Protection from Cold Scroll 982gp
Protection from Electricity Scroll 982gp
Protection from Poison Scroll 982gp
Protection from Undead Scroll 982gp
Protection from Petrification Scroll 786gp
Restoration Scroll 982gp

Brynnlaw  -  Temple of Umberlee  |  Temple Statistics...

  • Priestess of Umberlee
  • All items listed above
  • 1 exit

Brynnlaw  -  The People

     This is a full list of all People found within Brynnlaw.

  • Ginia [Quest to help free her and her brother from Chremy]
  • Andante
  • Dirbish the Black
  • Duel Coordinator
  • 4 Courtesans
  • Calahan
  • 2 Pirates
  • Chremy
  • Olben the Pirate
  • Andar the Pirate
  • Pirate Door Guard
  • 2 Drunken Sailors
  • 2 Fishwives
  • Fisherman
  • 2 Commoners
  • 3 Sailors
  • Dockhand
  • Captain Haegan
  • Pirate Newt
  • Captn' Bob Holmes
  • Sanik
  • Pirate Scotty
  • Innkeeper
  • Pirate Paul
  • Pirate Jimmy
  • Pirate Dan
  • Pirate Bill
  • Storekeep
  • Priestess of Umberlee
  • Perth the Adept
  • Lady Galvena
  • 2 Lady Galvena Guards
  • Guard Captain
  • Front
  • Ellie
  • Galvena
  • Claire
  • Vadek
  • Desharik
  • Sime
  • Golin

Brynnlaw  -  All Quests

     This is a full list of all Quests found within Brynnlaw.


Ginia is a troubled girl, sold to Chremy along with her brother Ason who are required to perform sexual favours on him and those he knows who wish it as well and she wants nothing more than to get out of Brynnlaw and leave it for good! Your help of course will be needed for this to happen and in fact, will also help you get out of Brynnlaw and to Spellhold to continue on your adventure. There is of course, a few things you'll have to do first.

Accepting to help Ginia you'll have to arrange for Ginia and her brother Ason to get smuggled off the island. This can be done by speaking with a local smuggler named Calahan who can be found near the docks. Offer Calahan 200gp as payment to smuggle both Ginia and Ason out of Brynnlaw.

There is yet another problem with this and that is Chremy, who owns the rights to both Ginia and Ason and he will obviously have to be removed from the picture if they are to get off the island safely and it is also Chremy who has GALVENA'S MEDALLION which you will need soon enough.

Accepting this quest to help Ginia and her brother Ason leave Brynnlaw will earn you 2,000xp while you will lose 200gp as an additional cost to smuggle them out, plus 1,100xp for killing Chremy and 9,000xp for getting Ginia and Ason freed. On top of that, you will find GALVENA'S MEDALLION on Chremy's corpse.


Sanik is your contact when you arrive in Brynnlaw and will be waiting for you in The Vulgar Monkey Inn except upon your arrival, he is killed by an assassin, sent by Lady Galvena because one of her courtesans fell in love with him. His death was his punishment and the knowledge he had to gain entry into Spellhold has now been lost.

Speaking with the innkeeper, you will learn that perhaps Sanik whispered a lot to his mistress Claire and maybe, just maybe she knows how to gain entry into Spellhold. With no other option or knowledge, this is by far your best bet.

Now Claire is inside Lady Galvena's Parlor House and when it's not closed you'll be allowed to venture inside but without GALVENA'S MEDALLION which can be found on Chremy, gaining entry to see Lady Galvena or even Claire for that matter will be pretty difficult. Of course, you may decide that force is the best option and by killing Front, Lady Galvena's door watch, you can get your hands on the GUILDHOUSE KEY and force your way through to speak with her.

Either way, in the end, you will have to battle your way through her guards and the guard captain that can be found within her inner chambers which, on the captain guard, will earn you GALVENA'S KEY that will allow you to pass the locked door and into the prison cells where Claire can be found and of course, saved.

Completion of this quest will gain you information on how to get into Spellhold by either getting an ASYLUM WARDSTONE or by getting admitted by the pirate lord who runs Brynnlaw, Desharik.

Also, you will receive 2,000xp for bringing Claire to safety as well as the experience gained from killing Lady Galvena and her men.

Brynnlaw  -  All Items

     This is a full list of all Magical Items found within Brynnlaw their locations can be found by viewing the rooms separately through the solution as they are also covered in the Room Statistics.

NOTE: Store bought items are in this list.

  • Arrows +2
  • 19 Arrows +1
  • Book of Infinite Spells
  • 4 Potions of Extra Healing
  • Bolt +1 [40]
  • Bullet +2 [40]
  • Small Shield +2
  • Plate Mail +1
  • Leather Armor +1
  • Studded Leather Armor +1
  • Chain Mail +1
  • Splint Mail +1
  • Small Shield +1
  • Medium Shield +1
  • Large Shield +1
  • Scimitar +1
  • Two Handed Sword +1
  • Bastard Sword +1
  • Long Sword +1
  • Short Sword +1
  • Katana +1
  • Spear +1
  • Flail +1
  • Mace +1
  • Morning Star +1
  • Heavy Crossbow +1
  • Large Crossbow +1
  • Composite Long Bow +1
  • Long Bow +1
  • Short Bow +1
  • Sling +1
  • Battle Axe +1
  • Dagger +1
  • Halberd +1
  • Dart +1 [20]
  • Leather Armor +3
  • 5 Potions of Extra Healing
  • Long Bow +2
  • 5 Arrows +2
  • Light Crossbow +1
  • 5 Bolts +2
  • Flail +2
  • Quarterstaff +2
  • Antidote
  • Potion of Genius
  • Potion of Mind Focusing
  • Potion of Insight
  • Elixir of Health
  • Potion of Cold Resistance
  • Potion of Fire Resistance
  • Stone to Flesh Scroll
  • Wand of the Heavens
  • Staff Mace
  • Cleric's Staff +3
  • Girdle of Bluntness
  • Protection from Acid Scroll
  • Protection from Fire Scroll
  • Protection from Cold Scroll
  • Protection from Electricity Scroll
  • Protection from Poison Scroll
  • Protection from Undead Scroll
  • Protection from Petrification Scroll
  • Restoration Scroll
  • Potion of Hill Giant Strength
  • Potion of Fortitude
  • Potion of Agility
  • Find Familiar Spell [Wizard]
  • Power Word Sleep Spell [Wizard]
  • Ray of Enfeeblement Spell [Wizard]
  • Minor Spell Deflection Spell [Wizard]
  • Protection from Fire Scroll
  • Protection from Normal Weapons Spell [Wizard]
  • Breach Spell [Wizard]
  • Lower Resistance Spell [Wizard]
  • Oracle Spell [Wizard]
  • Identify Spell [Wizard]
  • Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental Spell [Wizard]
  • Chain Lightning Spell [Wizard]
  • Disintegrate Spell [Wizard]
  • Spell Deflection Spell [Wizard]
  • Contingency Spell [Wizard]
  • Restoration Spell [Wizard]

Brynnlaw  -  All Monsters

     This is a full list of all Monsters found within the rooms on all levels of Brynnlaw, their locations can be found by viewing the rooms separately through the solution as they are also covered in the Room Statistics.

  • Some Pirates
  • Perth the Adept
  • A few Guards
  • Guard Captain
  • Galvena
  • Vadek

Dungeon Master Notes

A change that is very welcome from the bustling city activities of Athkatla and it really adds to the adventure when you know you're on your way, giving your gold over to either Bodhi or Aran Linvail to get the wheels in motion. Finally arriving, you are immediately sucked into your surroundings and as the sun slowly begins to rise, the rays light your way to your destination.

Pirates and ruffians bring life to this pirate port and I was expecting a rougher area and more shady characters, I was a little let down when not that many were found and those small pirate encounters weren't enough to make me feel it was a pirate port at all. Only their speak made you think otherwise and even that was poor.

I realized I had been quickly teased by the surrounding graphics and birth of a brand new area to explore and once I had completed exploring the small pirate port did I realize just how small it really was. This port could have been used to full potential but instead, it was full of two quests which was about the only thing happening in Brynnlaw. A shame really.

Party Advancement

Many people ask what level should your party be when you're heading to Chapter 3 and then leading on to Chapter 4 where Brynnlaw comes into play so I will detail my own party so you may compare it with yours and your own heroic deeds.

First, let me start by saying the journey here was a lot of fun, even though I have taken longer to play this game and continue with this solution, it is the detail that I take pride on bringing you, the reader. Now my adventures will not be too different from yours, give or take a few NPCs that I decided not to take and those places I have explored fully before giving my payment are listed below and in order of when I completed them:

De'Arnise Hold
Umar Hills
Umar Hills - Temple Ruins
Windspear Hills
Trademeet - Druid Grove

Now that list are all the major areas outside of Athkatla that you can do before heading onward and I also did my best to cover all the quests found within the city of Athkatla in each city district as well as cover the quests surrounding the NPCs I had in my party.

Those quests that surrounded members of my party were:

Jaheira's Harper related Quests
Korgan's BOOK OF KAZA Quest
Valygar's Planar Sphere Quest
Keldorn's Family Business Affair Quest

With many of the quests found in Athkatla completed, which included such areas as The Planar Sphere, The Unseeing Eye and The Sewers beneath The Copper Coronet as examples, I left for Brynnlaw with a few quests unfinished that I knew about.

Those quests would be:

I began Brynnlaw with the following party at the following levels:

01 Level 13 Grub Barbarian Half Orc
02 Level 11 Valygar [Stalker] Human
03 Level 12 Minsc Ranger Human
04 Level 9/12 Jaheira Fighter/Druid Half Elf
05 Level 11 Keldorn [Inquisitor] Human
06 Level 10/11 Aerie Cleric/Mage Avariel

I should add even before you get to Spellhold that having a high level party as I did made things very dull for me once there. The majority of the time found within Spellhold I let Grub handle while the rest of the party sat back and waited for him to return. This of course can easily be fixed by boosting up the difficulty within the game, but if you're playing Core Rules as I, you may want to arrive here at a level lower or two, allowing yourself to gain levels while in Spellhold to prepare you for the events beyond.

As a final note, you are also looking at my finalized party and yes, that also includes taking Imoen in as a factor. She would not be joining me on this journey, but more on that in Spellhold.

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