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About The Solution Top

         Greetings to you all and once again, thank you for taking the time to read what I have put a lot of time into and will continue to do so in hopes to have a full Baldur's Gate 2 Online Solution available to those who visit Sorcerer's Place.

I wanted to have more information about the game than I did with my Icewind Dale Online Solution and for that reason, I want to break a few things down for you, the reader, before heading you off on the path of adventure, fortune and fame.

Text which follows the solution through each chapter will be in standard white text which will tell you about the particular area you are in, what to do and the dangers, foul beasts as well as traps you will encounter as I came across them. Everything will be crystal clear, or at least to the best of my own ability.

Hyper-text links will take you to other points of interest within the solution, online maps, an item, creature or NPC reference sheet to name a few.

Baldur's Gate 2 needs no introduction and I will also spare you with my own personal one, you can simply read that under the Icewind Dale Online Solution. So without further ado, let's begin!

Sylvus Moonbow

Dungeon Master's Notes Top

         Something new I thought I would whip up, a little extra reading and of course work on my part, but something I feel you will also enjoy if you are not very familiar to Pen and Paper Dungeons and Dragons. I've been playing D&D with a close group of friends for the past 10 years or so, 8 of which I've sat behind a DM screen telling my own tales and weaving adventures for the players who joined me. Dungeon Master notes will be my view as an out of party viewer to the very plot that will make or break Baldur's Gate 2. I feel plots are a very large part to any fantasy game and as the game progresses, you will come across my own thoughts on the happenings of the plot at that time. Dungeon Master Notes will be boxed and found throughout the BG2 Online Solution.

Party Evolution Top

         During the solution, the very growth of my own character and the evolution of my party will obviously change throughout the course of the adventure. Changes in NPCs, items used that benefit my party or my own personal character will be noted at the end of the current chapter with full detailed reasons as to why I took or dropped a certain NPC, where I found an item I began to use and my final party statistics, level, hit points as well as how difficult the chapter was.
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