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Thanks for taking the time to read this first of all and I hope that the work I have put into this is noticed by one or more people and that you make good use from the information on these pages. Many people have worked hard at bringing you solutions to other games but even sometimes they are vauge and leave you still asking questions, which were answered but not very clearly. Having to put up with "The third pillar from the right just under the purple pool where you killed the Skeletal King" isn't much help when you're looking blankly into a screen full of pillars and purple pools. What I have attempted to do is bring the power of the web to your very finger tips as Icewind Dale has brought us the very adventure, fortune and fame we have all found and come to love. This solution will be updated by Chapters each week until the 6th week has passed and the game is completed. I understand many of you will get further than I will in terms of this Online Solution, but I work during the day and have to play and record my findings, then put it into HTML format. I can assure you though, when I am finished*, this will be the Online Solution people come to view the most. ;)
*Solution is complete.

There will be no spoiler alerts in this solution, unless otherwise stated by SORCERER at who this solution was originaly created for. I feel if you are viewing and reading this, you're here for a reason and with the guided table of contents I have created, I hope you find your information quickly and easily.

These pages were done during the free time I had to put it all together. By no means is this solution 100% complete with recorded items, equipment, scrolls or other items of power but perhaps as that information becomes available, these pages will offer such information.

These pages and its content may not be reproduced or copied without the permission of the author and by Sorcerer himself on


All maps are provided by screen captures and have no way been provided by Interplay or other persons and is soely for the purpose of bringing a clear, understanding explination to help those who purchased Icewind Dale further their quest for glory.

Maps will be viewable from the actual solution as well as enlarged to a seperate viewing screen for a more in depth look of the current area being discussed. Some maps will be marked as well as blown up so you will be able to navigate quickly to get what you've come to get and then return to your game session. Maps that are marked will be noted within the solution text as well as on the map itself.

Maps of Taverns, Shops, Inns and Houses are not online unless it happens to be a major part during the Icewind Dale adventure.

Maps will ALWAYS open in a new window.

Some maps are dark and I appologize for this but can be easily fixed by turing up your monitor brightness.

Due to the time and effort I have put into creating this, some images are protected from downloading or saving to another drive. If you wish to have a similar site with a similar Solution Design, capture the images yourself, write your own code and go nuts.


I first met Sorcerer in #baldursgate on EFNET during a cold winter morning as he lives in Europe and I in Canada, he was always the only one up so bright and early with the birds. I still go and say hello to him and those within those channels now and again, but like Sorcerer, have taken a liking to #sorcerers on EFNET since it has many old faces and many to chat with. Although Sorcerer and I enjoy getting on each others nerves (or maybe he just gets on mine ;), it's all about fun and friendship in the end, which is why I have made this solution possible for his web site. Enjoy!

Sylvus Moonbow - ||Arc||


  About the Solution   The Online Maps   About the Author
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