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WYRM'S TOOTH - About Wyrm's Tooth   

      The icy chill of the northern winds cut through Wyrm's Tooth like a sharp blade that slices through to the very bone of those who travel to these reaches. Frozen in time are the cliffs, waterfalls and the life that dwells around these snow covered mountain cliffs. Following in the death of Terikan the Lich from Dorn's Deep your party will arrive here, in Wyrm's Tooth whose secrets lay beneath the very layers of snow and ice waiting to be discovered. I found this chapter to be the shortest of all and had very little difficulty in completing the quests that await thee. So without further notice, let us take a look at this icy world known as Wyrm's Tooth.

WYRM'S TOOTH - The Icy Outskirts   

Wyrm's Tooth
Enlarge Wyrm's Tooth

Ice Trolls, Greater Snow Trolls and Peak Yetis will greet you with a snarl and a slash of their sharp claws as your party steps foot onto the snowy banks of Wyrm's Tooth so do make sure you have some Burning Hand spells ready to lay the final death blow on the Greater Snow Trolls. The Ice Trolls and Peak Yetis will not prove to be very difficult at all for neither need to be laid to rest by fire or acid like the aforementioned Greater Snow Trolls and moving about for your party should be like a walk in the park. As for the strewn and dead bodies laying around everywhere, rather than spoiling it, this you will learn as you explore Wyrm's Tooth.

Wyrm's Tooth is broken down to two parts. The first is the Museum located in the centre of Wyrm's Tooth, a Museum full of frozen fish and sea mammals which can be clearly seen through the layer of ice that makes their grave. Although there is a machine that is obviously keeping the museum frozen along with its occupants, I could not get this machine to reverse its effects and unfreeze the museum. Regardless, I was still able to continue on with my journey and complete Wyrm's Tooth and I'm not sure the effects are reversible to begin with.

Now the museum is broken down into two parts. The Upper Museum and the Lower Museum, each having a part in the story that is told within Wyrm's Tooth and I'll get to that in a minute.

Besides the Museum, we have Joril's Lair, a frozen, icy cavern full of Frost Giants, Wyrms and even a dragon's skeleton which spans two caverns across and was obviously slain long ago. Joril's Lair can only be reached by crossing the bridge at the bottom left of the map but you'll need the BOOK OF BRIDGES from the Lower Museum to fix it first, which ties the Museum into the rest of the story and we'll look at that next.

WYRM'S TOOTH - Upper Museum   

Wyrm's Tooth Upper Museum
Enlarge Upper Museum

         The museum is a place frozen in time and as you explore its rooms, you will realize that it once was a beautiful aquatic aquarium full of colourful fish and coral reefs. Now frozen, these underwater creatures remain in a stasis and I was never able to change this by any means, even though there is a machine that is obviously keeping the museum cold and frozen for the Frost Salamanders that now make it their home. Even without the use of the machine, I always wondered why a whale would be in the middle of the Spine of the World where it is cold all year round. Anyhow, rather than getting all worked up on this let me get back to the point of why you are here and that's to get some help in thy journey.

Entering the Upper Museum I thought for sure I was going to get attacked by the Frost Salamanders guarding the entrance but I was wrong. I guess being born as a Frost Salamander freezed their brains just like their surroundings and they'll tell you to go visit their leader, which I did to save me the hassle of fighting them and those within. This approach works well and will not only save you time in having to fight everyone at the beginning, but also speed up your journey and get you to the last and final chapter sooner than expected.

Kerish is the leader of the Frost Salamanders, who upon your approach will think you work for Marketh, another name in the chain of power that has spanned and plagued Kuldahar and the problems within the region and someone you should take note of because you'll be meeting him soon enough. Frost Salamanders, Greater Ice Trolls and Winter Wolves dot the Upper Museum and also follow Kerish so you need not worry about them attacking you just yet.

Now Kerish is not the brightest fellow and you will learn this as you speak with him for he continues to blurt out information that he shouldn't as well as tells you why there are so many dead bodies outside laying around in the snow. Now some of the slaves have escaped the foul beasts that you had to kill to get to the museum and Kerish will also tell you where they are, a place that is too warm for his sentries and guards to enter and this is where things get interesting.

You can do two things. You can do Kerishs' bidding by removing the slaves from the Lower Museum and killing them or you can accept but then turn and backstab Kerish by getting the slaves to safety. If you're role playing, do what you see fit for your own party and liking, but if you want as much experience as you can get, you'll want to free the slaves from the Lower Museum and get them to safety.

Now the slaves didn't revolt on their own, they had the help of their leader, who Kerish also wants slain and that very person would be Vera, who is hiding out in the Upper Museum out of the way of the foul beasts that are roaming its passages. Vera organized everything and is worried for the slaves who are in the Lower Museum for they have no food and need her help to escape, but she can't get anywhere with the Frost Salamander patrols everywhere. Since Kerish thinks you are working for Marketh, you are free to move about as you wish and it is Vera who will ask that you help her get the slaves to safety.

If you speak with Vera first and then return to the slaves and speak with Gareth and tell him Vera is all right, you will get some experience for bringing this news to him. Second, that Salamander near Vera can be spoken to and you can do two things to gain more experience, either cover her or reveal her hiding spot.

Thanks goes out to Christo for the added experience notes!

You can do either quest, that is up to you but just make sure you get the BOOK ON BRIDGES that is on Soth, a slave in the Lower Museum because you will need this to cross the bridge and get to Joril's Lair. Once you have this book, you are free to free the slaves or kill them all.

WYRM'S TOOTH - Lower Museum   

Wyrm's Tooth Lower Museum
Enlarge Lower Museum

         The sound of suffering and the smell of it too will waft to your noses as your party enters the Lower Museum where the remaining slaves have run off and hid and the place you needed to go to complete your quest. Now before doing anything, talk to the slaves and hear their side of the story, which might very well change your mind on completing Kerish's quest to slay and rid the slaves and their leader from Wyrm's Tooth.

Soth, a slave who has been reading books while down in the Lower Museum has come across a BOOK ON BRIDGES which you will need to cross the broken bridge and to reach Joril's Lair. Once you have gotten the BOOK ON BRIDGES, you are free to kill all the slaves or free them.

NOTE: If you've already killed OR set them free and realized you don't have the BOOK ON BRIDGES, Soth will have left it behind near the bookshelf he was standing by.

Killing them is the easy part and once you've done that, return to Kerish for your reward. You will also need to kill Vera, the leader of the slaves and she can be found in the Upper Museum and upon her death, return to Kerish for your reward. Now you get more experience for getting the slaves out of there and if that is what you wish to do, you will need to speak with Gareth instead of killing the slaves.

Gareth knows the Frost Salamanders situation and knows that the Lower Museum is too warm for the Frost Salamanders and Kerish to enter but he also realizes that they have no food and they will only be able to last a short while longer. Either way, they are dead in Kerish's hands and dead staying in the Lower Museum.

Gareth will tell you that Kerish is holding the CHAMBER KEY, the key that they need to open the chamber door to allow them to escape Wyrm's Tooth and Kerish's clutches. Doing this is pretty straight forward and very easy since Kerish is both stupid and afraid of those working for Marketh and he will give you the CHAMBER KEY just as long as you tell him you will not let them escape. Upon doing this, the key is yours.

Do know, that once you do free the slaves and let them escape to safety that Kerish and his guards in the Upper Museum will now be hostile towards you and attack you on sight. Frost Salamanders, Greater Ice Trolls and Winter Wolves will greet you when you return as you battle your way back to Kresik to slay and give him a little frost bite from thyself!

If you've opted to free the slaves, you'll want to return to Vera to get more experience who is waiting for you to find out if you were successful in getting the slaves out from the Lower Museum. Battle your way to her to let her know.

WYRM'S TOOTH - Joril's Lair   

Wyrm's Tooth Joril's Lair
Enlarge Joril's Lair
*Badge Location*

         The wooden bridge to cross the chasm and enter Joril's Lair must first be fixed. Its creaking and swaying support planks will not hold the party if they attempt to cross it without fixing it first. That of course is done by finding and using the BOOK ON BRIDGES which can be found in the Lower Museum on Soth, a slave hiding out there from the Frost Salamanders and Kerish who resides in the Upper Museum. With this book, your party will be able to fix the bridge and make it crossable so you can enter Joril's Lair and proceed in thy journey!

There are two caverns within Joril's Lair, one being the Lair of the Frost Giants that Joril leads and the other a cavern full of Yeti, Greater Snow Trolls and an Auril priestess named Kontik who has come to get revenge on Lysan, the Auril priestess you killed back in Chapter 1 for Kresselack. My route while doing this solution was upon entering Joril's Lair, I went through the small opening that lead to the cavern I have just described and it's the one I will go into detail first on this part of the solution.

In this icy and chilling cavern is where, as mentioned above, you will come across Kontik, the Auril priestess who has come to get revenge for your murder of Lysan and she is not alone in her bidding as her followers, Black Ice Knights, will defend her to the best of their ability. Now for quick results, I highly suggest you explore this cavern all around fully and kill the foul beasts that will no doubt get your party into trouble if you leave them be. Slay all the Yeti you come across as well as Winter Wolves and Greater Snow Trolls before you walk underneath the skeleton of the dragon to confront Kontik the Auril priestess. I say this because when I first came here, I didn't explore the entire cavern and during the battle against Kontik and her Black Ice Knights, I exposed the five or six Yeti just off to the right of where Kontik could be found and before I knew it, I had a slew of Yeti, Kontik and her four Black Ice Knights on me. Of course, I didn't last very long and I had to reload and remove that threat before I took on Kontik.

Kontik for starters isn't a push over the way Lysan was and she's pretty tough to take down while her Black Ice Knights are cutting their way through your front lines, but with enough effort and Monster Summoning cast behind the Black Ice Knights, I soon had her number along with her followers. Now that the snow was stained with her blood and her followers, searching behind her proved to be well worth the effort indeed as magical items of power awaited me as well as the PURE WATER, one of the three items that Valestis asked me to find from The Severed Hand to help bring back his atrium to its former glory.

Once you have cleared this cavern of foul beasts, you can either return to the entrance you came through or go through the other one at the top right from where you slew Kontik the Auril priestess. Either way, each opening will take you to the Frost Giants and to where Joril is and it is where you should go next because it is here that Joril holds the 2ND BADGE which you will need later on in this adventure.

Joril is a jolly old soul and a jolly old soul is he and is more friendly than hostile and doesn't really give much fright to those who look up, look way up to his hard carved facial features. At first glance, Frost Giants are intimidating but once again, much like our Frost Salamander friend Kerish and his men, they do not attack you at first sight. This of course puts you and your party at an advantage, being allowed to roam freely through their lair and explore it fully so you know what to expect but its building the story this way as well. You see, Joril is also afraid of this person they keep noting as Marketh and it is obvious they would rather speak with you than fight someone who they think is working for Marketh. Once again, I used this to my advantage and when you speak with Joril, give him the impression you are working for Marketh and do everything in your social power to attain the 2ND BADGE without any confrontation. This will earn you lots of experience and also allow your party to walk out of Joril's Lair without a fight against the Frost Giants that Joril leads.

Once you've gained the 2ND BADGE, you will want to make your way to the slave pens where a good number of human slaves are being held and also being sacrificed by Joril to Frostbite, a nasty and foul looking Wyrm who resides in Joril's Lair. Joril feeds the captured salves to Frostbite and his pack of Wyrms to keep the Wyrms happy and out of the Frost Giants hair, a mutual agreement that works for both parties, except for the slaves who become a meal once a day.

This arrangement has Davin, one of the slaves, worried because every day, someone from the slave pens are taken away and fed to the Wyrms which he wants no part of. Davin will do anything to save the rest of the slaves but he needs your help to do so. First of all, avenging those who have been eaten by Frostbite the Wyrm is asked of you, although not in its direct fashion, but you'll get the general idea that your swords will be swinging and your magic will be weaving. Killing Frostbite and his pack of Wyrm's didn't prove difficult for me at all and do make sure that once the battle is complete, you check their lair very, very carefully. I would have walked away from the hidden treasures that lay beneath the straw if I hadn't moved my mouse by mistake and noticed the grabbing hand going for something. Once Frostbite and his Wyrms have been taken care of, return to speak with Davin and of course, to gain some experience.

Now that Frostbite and his pack of Wyrm's have been taken care of, freeing Davin and the rest of the slaves is next, which he will also ask of you to do. The good thing about this is he speaks of the entrance to the cavern where Kontik the Auril priestess was and how that cavern leads to an exit that leaves Joril's Lair. Since that cavern has already been cleared by you, if you've followed this solution step by step, all you will have to do is take care of the single Frost Giant guard who is watching that very exit to the cavern. Simple enough indeed. If you haven't cleared out the cavern where Kontik the Auril priestess resides, do so, then return to Davin and kill the single Frost Giant guard.

If you're interested in killing all the Frost Giants within Joril's Lair but don't want to have to put up getting any of your party members hurt, simply begin attacking them before you free the slaves. Put your party inside of the slave pen and take one party member out to engage in a fight and lead those Frost Giants back to the slave pen. With your party inside the slave pen already, have your party member leading the Frost Giants return and join the rest of your party. Since Davin is blocking the slave pen entrance and the Frost Giants are too big to pass along side of Davin, you now have the Frost Giants circling the slave pen. Pull out your bows and start casting thy magic. Continue doing this until all Frost Giants are dead and collect your loot.

So by now, you've gotten the 2ND BADGE and have freed the slaves and either left the Frost Giants alone or totally cleaned them out and as short as Chapter 5 was, there is still plenty of adventure, fortune and fame to be found within our last chapter, Chapter 6, The Lower Dorn.

WYRM'S TOOTH - The Quests   

The main quest within Chapter 5 spans from Chapter 4 and well into Chapter 6 and that is the quest to find all six badges which is the key to giving you entrance to the final and last battle that will complete your adventure and give you the answers as to who and what is behind all of this. The badges that can be found in Chapter 5 will be listed and because it is an ongoing quest between three chapters, make sure you don't miss any because you'll be pulling your hair out if you do!

BADGE'S QUEST [story advancement / major quest]

2ND Badge

This is found within Wyrm's Tooth - Joril's Lair on Joril, a Frost Giant Leader.

KERISH'S QUEST [story advancement / slave quest / option one]

The Frost Salamander leader is looking for some assistance in removing the slaves found within the Lower Museum due to the fact that the temperature there is too warm for Kerish or his gathering to enter and take care of it themselves. Although you will be doing the bidding of one who you may not rather do the bidding for, this quest is still available to those who wish to kill the slaves rather than save them. Along with killing the slaves, Kerish also wants the leader of the slaves slain as well, who is none other than Vera, who is hiding out in the Upper Museum.

Doing this quest has its draw backs, most notably less experience than you'd receive if you saved the slaves and there is a good chance you may kill Soth, who has the BOOK ON BRIDGES and if he is killed, there is a good chance you will not get this item. The BOOK OF BRIDGES is needed to gain entry into Joril's Lair and without it, you won't be going anywhere.

So remember, if you take Kerish up on his quest, before you kill the slaves, talk to Soth and get the BOOK OF BRIDGES and then go on your killing spree.

Return to speak with Kerish once the slaves are all killed and Vera is laying on the cold floor of the museum.

VERA'S QUEST [story advancement / slave quest / option two]

Vera is the slave leader and the leader that Kerish wants dead, if you accept his quest before you accept Vera's. What Vera wants of you is to free the slaves, something she herself cannot do because Kerishs' men are all over the Museum looking for her. Since you have the ability to roam as you wish, freeing the slaves yourself for Vera is her next best option and taking this quest rather than the one offered by Kerish will give you more experience than the latter.

When you've freed the slaves from the Lower Museum, return to Vera for your experience and to let her know the slaves have been set free.

DAVIN'S QUEST [story advancement / slave quest / option two]

Davin's quest will only happen if you yourself decide you want to free the slaves rather than killing them as Kerish would ask of you. Davin understands that although the slaves have gotten away, they have no food and sooner or later they will either die from starvation or die returning to Kerish. Neither option is very good to Davin and he asks that you retrieve the CHAMBER KEY from Kerish so it can be used to get the slaves out and to freedom.

Speak with Kerish and retrieve the CHAMBER KEY noting that you will not let the slaves escape, then return to Davin and free the slaves.

By doing this, all of Kerish's Frost Salamanders, Greater Snow Trolls and Winter Wolves will be on the look out for you and attack you on sight. Battle your way to Vera and let her know the slaves are free, then clean house and kill all those within the Upper Museum, including Kerish.

BROKEN BRIDGE [story advancement]

Although this is not a quest given to you by anyone, it is something you will need to do if you plan on retrieving the 2ND BADGE from Joril's Lair. To do this, you will need to fix and then cross the bridge that is located at the bottom left portion of Wyrm's Tooth but first you will need to acquire the BOOK OF BRIDGES from Soth, who is located in the Lower Museum. Get the book and then return to the bridge to use it so you will be able to cross and fight the foul creatures that reside on the other side!

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