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Dorn's Deep

On thy way to the Dwarven Hall nestled deep within the Spine of the World and your next location after finishing and completing The Severed Hand. It is Larrel who has lead you here to search and seek out the very reason as to what has been troubling Kuldahar and its people. Dorn's Deep will begin a series of events that will begin to unfold as you journey through the Dwarven tunnels made ages ago and lure you deeper and deeper into the very depths of the earth in your journey for the answer you seek!

I hope you are well prepared for the adventures that await thee will not only bring you fortune and fame, but also lead you through a series of quests as well as continue to fuel ones the party has come across in previous chapters. It is with this knowledge I give you that we begin to unfold these very quests and events in the start of Chapter 4 - Dorn's Deep.

Outside Dorn's Deep

Outside Dorn's DeepCold and chilling are the peaks that Dorn's Deep rests on, a snowy ledge packed with thick layers of ice and years of snow falls that have layered upon each other. Footsteps will be one of the first thing a quick party member will spot as they knell down to investigate the fresh fallen snow and it is Orogs that will burst into the scene to attack each member! Swing thy blade true and cast thy magic well and dispose of these foul creatures, a task that should not be very difficult for the party you have created and brought this far.

When you've had enough of flexing thy muscles and bragging about how powerful you are, take a step inward brave warrior and let's see how you fair against the beasts that make their home...inside.

Inside Dorn's Deep

Inside Dorn's DeepMagical is it not how the caverns have carved themselves over the centuries which have protected and given the Dwarven race a home.

The first sight you will come across is the wonderful, light blue glow being given off by the very mushroom patches that rest some feet away, an excellent addition to the breath taking graphical work they have put into this product. With that aside, walking forward into the cavern, the party will be greeted by Blue Myconids who live in the very patches of mushrooms that you can see.

Dispatching them was not very difficult for my party and even their attempts at having my members go into beserk mode with their, what looks to be, spit attack failed. Even the very sound made when hitting these creatures gave me the impression that my sword was cleaving them into bits and pieces of shrooms and soon, a large pile had accumulated around my fighters.

Along with the Blue Myconids which you will encounter throughout the cavern and deeper within, Ettins also make their home within the damp, vast caverns and they do pack a serious punch if their numbers reach four or more, so take care while battling them. My dwarf within the party went bonkers when he found them lumbering around within the very passages that his own blood had lived and created so long ago and eventually, even the Ettins were starting to pile up around him so that he got stuck in the middle! Everyone shook their heads and had to help him out, but besides that, it is all we encountered monster wise during our journey here.

High above the the floor though, rests a tower of sorts, the warm glow of lights shine dull through the windows giving a welcomed feeling to go inside and greet whoever lives inside. Well, my greeting was rude, foul and insulting when I first met Bandoth, the wizard who resides within the towers walls. During our conversation, I was able to calm him down enough or perhaps ignore him altogether to purchase some of the spells he had available and other trinkets he had on his dusty shelves. Also, if you follow the dialog correctly, Bandoth will come to tell you of a secret entrance but will only tell you if you help him find his lost apprentice and along with him, should find a vial of Razorwine. This is found in the Ettin Lair as marked on the Ettin Lair Enlarged Map.

Thanks Chris for the info on this particular quest!

Besides Bandoth, there are three caves which one can enter as well as the entrance to Dorn's Deep LVL 1 and we'll look at those next.

Inside Dorn's Deep - Orc Lairs

Dorn's Deep Orc Cave 1 Dorn's Deep Orc Cave 2

Orcs. Back to the pits from whence thy came foul beasts and it is where you will be sending them as you clear out the two Orcish Lairs found within the vast caverns you are exploring. Each is as easy as the other and even a less experienced party should have absolutely no trouble fending the Orcs off and laying them to the dirt.

Enjoy cleaning thy blade after the battle because as you go deeper, you will have less time to do so, so enjoy it while it lasts brave warrior.

Inside Dorn's Deep - Ettin Lair

Dorn's Deep Ettin LairThe sound of rattling bones will echo through thy ears as you walk towards the entrance to this vast and tall cavern which houses numerous Ettins and hanging, human skull bones which they have gathered since they moved in and made it their home. Be ready with thy blades and magic for there Ettins will defend the very home they live in and do their best to beat you to a pulp and join your skulls up with the others dangling towards the cavern floor.

As stated above, this is where you can find Bandoth's apprentice if you acquired the quest from him, except his apprentice is dead but don't fret. The vial you are looking for, that ingredient called Razorwine, can be found on a corpse within the Ettin Lair.

Quests In Dorn's Deep

The main quest within Chapter 4 spans the remaining two chapters as well and that is the quest to find all six badges which is the key to giving you entrance to the final and last battle that will complete your adventure and give you the answers as to who and what is behind all of this. The badges that can be found in Chapter 4 will be listed and because it is an ongoing quest between three chapters, make sure you don't miss any because you'll be pulling your hair out if you do!

BADGE'S QUEST [story advancement / major quest]

1ST Badge is found within Dorn's Deep LVL 2 on Krilag, an Orog Chieftain.

SAABLIC-TAN'S QUEST [story advancement / badge quest]

Saablic-Tan can be found on Dorn's Deep LVL 2 and is an Umber Hulk who will be the first to introduce you to the major quest of finding all six badges and will give you the location of the 1st badge you will find on Krilag, an Orog Chieftain Kill Krilag and return to Saablic-Tan for your reward and more information.

BANDOTH'S QUEST [mini-quest]

Bandoth is found in his tower mulling away and wondering where his lost apprentice has gone for he had left looking for a rare ingredient Bandoth had needed called Razorwine. Now I never got this quest when I was doing this solution and I wanted to thank everyone who sent me their notes on how to get this quest, so you may get the experience I had missed. To gain this quest for yourself, use the following dialog options when speaking with Bandoth:
1) Apologize for intruding.
2) Ask about Larrel's daughter.
3) Ask about the Dorn's Deep and other related questions.

During some point of this conversation, Bandoth should interrupt you and say if you want anymore information out of him, you'll have to perform a task for him, which is to find Bandoth's apprentice.

The apprentice can be found in the Ettin Lair, dead of course by the large amount of Ettins who make it their home and the rare ingredient is Razorwine, which can be found on one of the corpses within the Ettin Lair.

Thanks Rebecca for adding your insight on this quest!
Thanks Chris for the added information we were missing!
Thanks to Adam for sending in the proper dialog options to use so you can acquire the Bandoth Quest!

NORLINOR'S QUEST [story advancement]

Norlinor can be found at The Entrance to Terikan's Tomb and is a ghost whose spirit cannot leave the material plane because Terikan has made all those resting within the Tomb to return as undead and serve him. Fortunately for Norlinor, he resides outside of the Tomb and has some semblance of his true form and because of this, he has asked you to help him lay his brothers and sisters to rest by slaying Terikan. Upon doing so, return to Norlinor for the location to the FORGE KEY as well as gain some experience for the deed.

FORGE KEY [chapter finale]

The FORGE KEY is used on the door where you finally defeated Terikan and will unlock it so you can begin Chapter 5.

Missing the FORGE KEY? It can be found here.
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