Sword Coast Stratagems for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu Walkthrough by David Milward

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This is not intended as a complete walkthrough in the sense that it doesn't explore every possible avenue, or reveal where every single item can be found. If you want that kind of walkthrough for Baldur's Gate 1 Dan Simpson's guide is readily available for that.

There are a number of reasons for this newest guide. In addition to complete solutions that I've written for games like Temple of Elemental Evil, and Neverwinter Nights 2, I have sometimes written game guides from a much more subjective viewpoint, like the ones I've written for BG2 and IWD2. It affords me an opportunity to explain in considerable detail the kind of analysis, preparation, and decision making that can produce a successful campaign. I have occasionally received requests to return to that style of writing and thus have endeavoured to write a similar guide here. If you find errors or omissions in the walkthrough please inform the author or Sorcerer's Place via PM or e-mail.

Secondly, I nowadays insist on playing the Sword Coast Stratagems 1 Mod with an EasyTutu installation. The mod ratchets up the difficulty of the game considerably thus warranting a more subjective guide to provide advice on how to meet its particular challenges. For a complete breakdown of which mods I installed, and which components, please see this link.

I also experimented with the idea of alternative portraits that amounted to more than head shots, and yet were (in my view) faithful to the characters themselves. I got most of them from drakonis.org.

I play with two parties, my good party and my evil party. As for my 'Perfect Good Party' that I adventure through the Sword Coast with, it consists of:

My evil party consists of:

The guide is written with reference to the adventures of the good party, and thus won't include any commentary on the evil party (although this will change during my guide on SCS2). The reason is that the tactics and strategies are pretty much the same for both parties during SCS for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu. And indeed characters in both parties have parallel roles. Eg. Asteroth > Jaheira, Kivan > Shar-Teel, Khalid > Kagain, etc.

As for the rest of the available NPCs, please see this link for commentary on why I didn't include them.

And without further ado the adventure begins in Candlekeep.

About the Author

I’ve submitted past guides to Sorcerer’s Place as Dave Milward. My alias here, however, is Beren. If there’s anything you’d like to share with me, by all means you’re welcome to send me an e-mail to beren or contact me via PM on the SP message boards. If I find anything particularly helpful and worth mentioning specifically, I’ll give credit where credit is due in updates.

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