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Sword Coast Stratagems for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu Walkthrough by David Milward

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Areas in Chapter 2
Nashkel  |  Xvart Village  |  Bear River  |  Fire Leaf Forest  |  Nashkel Mines  | 



I leave the Lonely Peaks and head for Nashkel, killing a couple of Wolves along the way.

First I head off to the nearest inn. A priestess of Shar named Neira attempts to collect a bounty on me. This battle is significantly more dangerous in SCS. First of all, she won't walk right up to me. She starts her dialogue and then her spells both at a distance. She also has a few additional spells at her arsenal, including Unholy Blight which will damage only good-aligned characters. She also starts off with Armor of Faith and Chant already in place. The strategy, while more difficult to pull off, is nonetheless the same, to try and stay on top of her with physical attacks in order to interrupt her spellcasting and bring her down as quickly as possible. She does manage to hold Jaheira and Khalid in place with a Hold Person, and damage the whole party with Unholy Blight. But after that I have more or less the set up I want, Avastrian swinging his sword at her, and Kivan and Imoen shooting arrows at her. She yields another bounty note and a Helmet of Infravision, which I haven't decided who will wear just yet as none of my characters is Human.

I then sleep multiple times, both to lick my wounds but also to get the dream for starting Chapter 2. Getting the good dream and Cure Light Wounds as an innate ability, which I do here, depends on having a higher reputation. A lower reputation will mean getting the evil version of the dream, and Larloch's Minor Drain as an innate ability.

Berrun Ghastkill

Next stop is the next door store where I sell off my excess booty. The storekeep here is also interested in a Winter Wolf Pelt, although in SCS this is only a one shot deal.

I then continue east and speak with the Mayor of Nashkel, Berrun Ghastkill. He tasks me with getting to the bottom of what is happening at the nearby Mines.

Nearby is the local bounty master, Oublek, who mistakes me for somebody named Greywolf. Avastrian is honest with him though, and gets a +1 to reputation for it.

I end the video by showing the location of Minsc, whom I don't recruit into my party.


I continue southeast until I run into a house. Imoen has just dual-classed, and doesn't have her thieving skills back yet, so I force the door open. I then speak with Joseph's Wife, and agree to keep an eye out for him when I start to investigate the mines.

I then go towards the bridge and reveal the location of Edwin, who does become a member of my evil party, but not my good party.

I continue across the bridge, and run into the infamously annoying Noober. I wait it out to get the xp for sitting through the whole thing.

Ankheg Platemail

Now I travel to the west edge of Nashkel, and click on the 'tab' key to find a hidden cache that holds an Ankheg Plate Mail (A.C. 1, lighter weight) as well as a Pearl. The Ankheg Plate Mail becomes Jaheira's armor for the rest of the game. It becomes Viconia's armor in the evil party, as its lower Strength requirement allows the Drow Cleric to wear it.

My next priority is to net a Long Sword +1 for Avastrian, and score a few other items as well. So I start to travel westwards, starting with the Xvart Village.

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