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Sword Coast Stratagems for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu Walkthrough by David Milward

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A Boy from Candlekeep

The opening cinema of the game, along with my importing my file for Avastrian from a previous playthrough and starting the game.

Avastrian then buys basic equipment for himself, including a few Longswords and a Helmet.

Firebead's Scroll

Here is a simple quest, to get a Scroll of Identify back for Firebead Elvenhair. Tethoril can be found wandering the perimeter of the Keep itself, and I find him shortly just towards the northwest end of the perimeter. He gives the scroll to me, and I bring it back to Firebead for a little xp and gold.

Early Training

First, I speak with Phlydia, just a little to the east. She wants me to find a book called "History of Halruaa" for her.

I then travel towards the southwest corner, looking around in barrels and such for a bit of gold.

At around 1:17 of the video I enter a building and get attacked by a thug named Carbos. This is meant to be an introduction to combat for newbies than an actual challenge, so it should be a matter of routinely chopping him down.

The latter half of the video involves me accepting training in group combat from the Gatewarden. A priority at this point in the game is to squeeze as much gold and xp out of Candlekeep while I still can, so I grab this opportunity as well. The combat itself is harmless, but note how I have the Halfling rogue disarm the trap (for 10xp) and get the gold.

Hull's Sword and Fuller's Bolts

Now I show a sequence for completing a couple more quests. I speak with Hull, who stands by the east gate out of Candlekeep, and he wants his sword back.

I then head to the Barracks, which is towards the southwest corner. I then speak with Fuller, who wants some crossbow bolts. I purchase the bolts from Winthrop and then bring them back to Fuller for a little gold and xp.

I then loot the chest which is in the northeast corner of the Barracks. It has Hull's Sword as well as an Antidote which will come into play for another quest. I bring Hull's Sword back to him for a little more xp and gold.

Reevor's Rats and Jondalar's Training

Avastrian continues to travel along the east side. He does a quest for Reevor, to clear the cellar of its Rats.

He then gets a little more one-on-one training with Jondalar.

The video concludes with Avastrian speaking with a Farmer named Dreppin, who hints where Phlydia's book may be found.

Phydlia's Book and Dreppin's Cow

I start the video by going into the house at the north and center of the area. I get attacked by another thug named Shank, who is much the same deal as Carbos.

I then go back east a little and click 'tab' to highlight the spot in the hay just behind Dreppin. This container has the History of Halruaa book that Phlydia wants. I then bring the book to her for a small xp bonus.

The video concludes with me giving the Antidote from Hull's chest to Dreppin, for which I get a little more gold and xp.

Heya! It's me, Imoen!

A fairly simple video. I sell a few odds and ends to Winthrop for a little extra gold.

I then make towards the central portion of the area. I linger around the Chanters, more for literary foreshadow than anything else. ;)

Avastrian then runs into his childhood friend, Imoen.

It is now time to start Chapter 1.

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