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Sword Coast Stratagems for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu Walkthrough by David Milward

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Areas in Chapter 4
Cloakwood Lodge  |  Cloakwood Spider Nest  |  Shadow Druid Enclave  |  Cloakwood Wyvern Nest  |  Cloakwood Mines  | 


Tazok's Letters

Now I take and read the letters out of Tazok's chest to start Chapter 4. I then head back to Beregost and rest up until I get another nightmare. For a character with a high reputation, the innate ability will be Slow Poison. For a character will low reputation, the innate ability will be Horror.

Gurke's Cloak

I now journey to the first area of the Cloakwood Forest. Upon arrival I head towards the southeast corner, where I find a pack of Tasloi. I cast Sleep, not because Tasloi are tough to any degree. But Tasloi scare easily, and are perfectly willing to lead a party across the entire map once a fight turns against them. One of them leaves behind the cloak that Gurke mentioned, a Cloak of Detection.

I return to the Jovial Juggler and attempt to give Gurke his cloak back, only he doesn't want it. But hey, I get to keep it and am 300xp better for it. I have Kivan wear it for the rest of the game, as he's the party scout and the Cloak of Non-Detection can prevent something like Detect Invisibility from blowing his cover.

Aldeth Sashenstar and Seniyad

I come back to this part of the Cloakwood and then bear west. I casually kill off a group of Tasloi.

I then come upon a cottage with a man named Aldeth Sashenstar standing in front of it. He wants my protection from men he describes as woodland savages. I agree, for now.

A group of Druids arrive, led by Seniyad, and level some accusations of their own. Which side you choose is entirely up to you, with the consequences not becoming evident until you journey to the city of Baldur's Gate. The short of is, kill Aldeth for his sword and then have his brother come after you later on, or kill Seniyad for his Ring of Animal Friendship and then get another quest from Aldeth when you reach the city.

I ended up choosing to side with Seniyad, a matter of role-playing cause I'm pretty sure Jaheira wouldn't have been pleased if I sided with Aldeth (and I'm roleplaying Avastrian as somebody who is silently falling for Jaheira even while Khalid is around ;) ).

Aldeth can hit fairly hard with his sword, so Jaheira casts Doom on him, while Imoen adds in a Chromatic Orb. He leaves behind a Diamond, as well as Kondar (+1 bastard sword, +3 vs. shapeshifters). Khalid will pack this as a weapon that he can use against lycanthropes.

Seniyad then gives me another quest as part of the BG1 NPC Projects mod. The quest is to rescue another druid named Maretha who has been captured by Shadow Druids.


I continue towards the northwest, killing more Spiders along the way. A bridge crosses the river. Standing square in the middle of the bridge's span is the Elven Fighter/Thief named Coran for anyone who's interested. I continue across the bridge and then kill a couple more Wolves.

The next area is the Cloakwood Spider Nest.

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