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Sword Coast Stratagems for BG1Tutu / EasyTutu Walkthrough by David Milward

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Areas in Chapter 6
Candlekeep  |  Catacombs - Level 1  |  Catacombs - Level 2  |  Caves beneath Candlekeep  | 


Return to Candlekeep

After having done everything during Tales of the Sword Coast, I pick up where I left off during the main storyline. I go back to Duke Eltan in the Flaming Fist headquarters, and inform him that incriminating evidence of the Iron Throne's activities is carried by Reiltar himself, who is now in Candlekeep.

He gives me a tome, and I find myself back in front of Candlekeep to start Chapter 6. I give the tome to the Keeper of Portals so that I can gain entry.

Now I do a sort of perimeter sweep of the outer edge of Candlekeep, talking with familiar persons again. A particular point of interest is the house just west of Dreppin. It will have a Priest of Oghma inside, who seems to have a rather morbid interest in a dead cat. I bother him enough times to get him to reveal himself as a Doppleganger. As I've surrounded him ahead of time I have little trouble cutting him down.

I continue west and then rest up in Winthrop's inn until I get the dream for Chapter 6. Avastrian's special power is Holy Might as an innate ability. The evil power for Asteroth will be Vampiric Touch.

I all go all the way back around and into the inner courtyard of the Keep. I speak with Cadderly and Phlydia along the way.


Here I thoroughly explore the first two levels of Candlekeep, mostly for showing where the odds and ends, like spell scrolls and the letters containing parts of Alaundo's prophesy, can be found.

Of course there are plenty of people who will want to talk to me. Of particular interest is somebody named Koveras, who really knows more about what happened to Gorion than a complete stranger should. I refuse his offer of a ring.


Now I go up and explore the next level. In a room towards the north side will be Reiltar and a few Iron Throne leaders. I could kill them if I was inclined, but I choose not to for story-related reasons.


I go up to the next level and explore thoroughly. Trying to help myself to the contents of the locked chests will result in Watchers being called after me, so I don't bother.

There is a monk on the east side named Shistal, who seems rather unfriendly. I make a point of completely surrounding him, and having Yeslick cast Remove Fear on my party beforehand. He reveals himself as a Greater Doppleganger with enough pressing. Remove Fear renders me immune to his Horror spell. Completely surrounding him beforehand allows me to bring him down relatively quickly in spite of his Mirror Images. Jaheira is obliged to cast Dispel Magic in order to remove the Dire Charm on Khalid.

Child of Bhaal

Now I go up to the next level. A monk named Piato arrives and informs me of the one point of interest on this level, Gorion's bedroom, which is the third room along the south corridor. Once there I find a letter that reveals my heritage as a progeny of Bhaal.

Under Arrest

Now I go up to the next level. This video simply shows the extended cutscene of me getting arrested for murdering Brunos and Reiltar, and then Tethoril facilitating my escape into the Catacombs beneath Candlekeep.

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