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Act 5 begins when you first enter the Lower Ward and ends when you leave Sigil. It is the longest, most complicated, and least linear part of the game. It is also the least combat-oriented part. But don't worry, you will find other, and perhaps more satisfying, challenges.

One change in the gameplay is the way you move between different areas in Sigil. When you leave one area to go to another, you are no longer taken directly to the next ward; instead the World Map comes up so you can click on the area you want to travel to. Please note that it takes four hours of game time to move between wards per move. If for example you leave the Lower Ward and go to Clerk's Ward, four hours will pass in Sigil. If you go from the Lower Ward to the Mortuary section of the Hive, which takes two moves, eight hours will pass in the game.

One other thing you should be aware of is that you are no longer in the slums. You are in some of the better parts of Sigil, and if you kill or threaten people, you may end up in trouble with the Harmonium, Sigil's police. So try to act civilized, cutter, or this act could turn out to be very combat-oriented after all. ;-)

What happens in Act 5?

When you first arrive in the Lower Ward, if Morte is in your party at the time, he will be abducted by two Wererats. Your first task is to get Morte back. Ask around the ward to find out that Morte was abducted by a certain Lothar, Master of Bones. You can find Lothar in the Bones of the Night (see the map of the Lower Ward). Lothar will agree to return Morte to you in return for a better skull and once you have done this, he will tell you what you should do next. Lothar's quests are described below.

If Morte is not in your party, you will still have to speak to Lothar and perform his quests in order to learn what to do next.

When you have performed Lothar's quests, he will tell you that you are immortal because your mortality has been stripped from you by the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell. Your next big goal in the game is to find Ravel. How to find Ravel is described below. This will take up by far the most part of this act.

Please note: Below I describe how to finish Act 5 as fast as possible. However, I suggest that you explore the areas of this act fully and do as many side quests as possible. You will still finish the act, and you will get a much more fulfilling game experience.


There are plenty of trainers in this act:

Lothar's Quests

Lothar is found in the Bones of the Night. Before he will return Morte (if Morte was abducted) or tell you what you should do, Lothar wants you to visit the Empty Tomb in the Drowned Nations. If you already did so in Act 3, tell him so for 30,000 XP. If not, you will have to pass through the underground part of the Bones of the Night to the Weeping Stone Catacombs and proceed through either the Warrens of Thought or the Dead Nations to the Drowned Nations where you will find the entrance to the tomb.

On your way through the Bones of the Night, you have to pass Mantouk the Wererat who is blocking your way over a bridge. You should know from Act 3 that he also works for Many-As-One, the Cranium Rat collective. Tell him (politely) that you are on a quest from Lothar. Or fight him and his wererats. Or, buy the poisoned cheese from the merchant Giltspur in the Lower Ward and give it to Mantouk, who will immediately die. Of course you will still have to fight his Wererats after killing their leader. ;-) Search Mantouk's body for his skull and a very interesting book.

Once you have examined the tomb and found it empty, return to tell Lothar about this. Lothar then demands that you find him a better skull. If you didn't bring any satisfactory skulls with you from Act 3, you will have to return to the underworld and find one. Lothar accepts the following skulls, all except Mantouk's found in the Dead Nations:

Return to Lothar with any of these skulls for 15,000 XP and he will now answer your questions. Lothar tells you that you are immortal because your mortality has been taken from you by a night hag called Ravel Puzzlewell. Your next task, which will take you quite some time, is to find Ravel.

Morte joins your party again the next time you enter the Lower Ward – he is waiting for you outside the entrance to the Bones of the Night. When he joins you again, ask him for advice on how to find Ravel – he will suggest to ask in the Civic Festhall in Clerk's Ward – and also ask him about his special abilities. He now has a new ability, Skull Mob, which is described on the NPC List under Morte.

Finding Ravel Puzzlewell

The problem with finding Ravel is that she was mazed by the Lady of Pain a long time ago. Mazes are like pocket dimensions where creatures who annoy the Lady of Pain are sent (you may already have visited the Player's Maze yourself). So what you have to do is to find a portal to Ravel's Maze and the key to open the portal.

The following is a short overview on how to find Ravel. For details, please see the relevant area pages.

How to find the portal:

  1. Enter the Civic Festhall and speak to Splinter. Ask him about resting in the Festhall. He will tell you about the sleeping quarters in the Eastern wing of the Festhall. Problem is, you have to join the Sensates to rest there.
    If you don't want to join the Sensate faction, you can speak to Aelwyn and Nemelle in Clerk's Ward and help them find each other. Once you have done this, Aelwyn will tell you that you used to be a member of the Sensates. Tell this to Splinter, and he will accept you as a member of the faction.
  2. Enter the sleeping quarters and speak to the Festhall Clerk. She will give you a key to your private room; this is the room to the right on the map.
  3. Search the closets in this room, especially the locked closet. You will find a dodecahedron which on closer examination turns out to be a journal written by an earlier incarnation of yours. Unfortunately it is in a language you don't understand.
  4. Exit the Festhall to Clerk's Ward and find the house of Finam the Linguist. Ask him about the language. Finam recognizes the Language of the Uyo which he doesn't understand. His father Fin, who was murdered some time ago (try and guess by whom...), knew the language and could speak it. Finam will offer you to let you have his father's notes if you can find his own notebook which he has forgotten in the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts.
  5. You can also learn that the urn with his dead father's ashes is standing on his mantelpiece. You can then speak to the ashes using Stories-Bones-Tells (you *did* learn this ability from Stale Mary in Act 3, didn't you?) and learn both the Language of the Uyo and that you are the one who murdered Fin. Admit this and offer your apologies for an XP bonus.
  6. Go to the Brothel and find Finam's book in the room of Luis the Wardrobe. Return the book to Finam and he will give you his father's notes.
  7. Use Fin's notes to read the Dodecahedron. It is a journal of one of your earlier incarnations, who was obviously insane. The most important part tells about a legacy you left for yourself at an advocate.
  8. Seek out Iannis the Advocate in his home in Clerk's Ward and ask him about legacies, then get your legacy from him. One of the items you left for yourself is a receipt to the Great Foundry in the Lower Ward.
  9. Take the receipt to the Foundry and hand it to the clerk, Nadilin. He will give you a piece of metalwork (along with a whopping 40,000 XP!) which when identified turns out to be a portable portal. You have now found the portal to Ravel's Maze.

How to find the portal key:

  1. First, go to the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts in Clerk's Ward. Speak to the prostitute Dolora. She will want you to speak to Merriman who has the keys to her heart.
  2. While at the Brothel, speak to Juliette. She is bored with her relationship with Montague and wants you to help her "spice up" the relationship. Suggest that you find some fake love letters and show them to Montague.
  3. Speak to Yves the Tale-Chaser who can tell you about the silent prostitute Ecco. Speak to Ecco, who will turn out to know something about Ravel. Unfortunately she can't speak!
  4. Steal the love letter in Yves' room or go to the Print Shop in the Lower Ward and have Scofflaw Penn print a love letter for you.
  5. Go to the Curiosity Shoppe in Clerk's Ward and speak to Vrischika. Ask her about her merchandize, then about the exotic items to buy the following:
    • Chocolate Quasit
    • Fiend's Tongue
    • Deva's Tears
  6. Enter the Civic Festhall and tell Montague that Juliette is having an affair. Show him the love letter. When he despairs, tell him it was all a ruse and suggest that turnaround is fair play.
  7. Speak to Merriman. He will refuse to give you the keys to Dolora's heart (the keys are physical keys; Dolora is a construct!). Offer to find him something to erase his memory. (You can also kill or pickpocket him, but helping him without violence gives more XP, better karma and less trouble with the Harmonium!)
  8. While here, speak to Splinter and ask if someone here knows about Ravel. Splinter will suggest that you speak to Quell in the Private Sensorium. To enter the Private Sensorium you will have to join the Sensates or convince Splinter you already are a Sensate (please see above).
  9. Enter the Private Sensorium and speak to Quell. He will refuse to help you until you give him some special candy. Give him the Chocolate Quasit you bought in the Curiosity Shoppe. Quell will tell you that the key to Ravel's Maze is a piece of Ravel herself. The question is, since Ravel is mazed, where can you find a piece of her? If asked, Annah suggests that you find a daughter of Ravel and use a piece of her.
  10. Exit the Sensorium and enter the Sleeping Quarters of the Festhall. In the leftmost room, speak to Unfulfilled-Desire to learn that she can remove desires.
  11. Leave the Festhall and speak to the Drunken Mage in Clerk's Ward to learn that he can't stop drinking. Suggest that he speak to Unfulfilled-Desire. He will give you his special Frost-Ale Mug. (You can also buy the rune-covered ale stein at the Curiosity Shoppe but helping the Drunken Mage is free, plus it nets you 10,000 XP.)
  12. Go to the Gallery and examine the sculpture "Birds of Ocantus". Catch one of the birds in the Frost-Ale Mug. Speak to the owner of the Gallery, Yvana, to learn that the birds are made from shards of ice from the river Styx and will erase a person's memories. (By the way, in Greek mythology it was the river Lethe, not the Styx, that erased memories. This is different in the Planescape setting, though.)
  13. Take the shard of ice to Merriman in the Festhall and help him lose his memories. He will give you the keys to Dolora's heart.
  14. Return to the Brothel and give Dolora the keys. She will tell you that Ecco is mute because her voice was stolen.
  15. Speak to Ecco and promise her to find a way to return her voice.
  16. Give Ecco the Fiend's Tongue you bought at the Curiosity Shoppe. The tongue will give her a voice but not a very decent language. ;-) To dampen the tongue's cursing, give her the Deva's Tears. Ecco can now tell you that one of the other prostitutes, Kesai-Serris, is Ravel's daughter.
  17. Speak to Juliette and tell her of Montague's reaction. You can either suggest that she speak to him, or ruin the relationship completely. Either way, Juliette will now tell you that Kesai-Serris and Kimasxi Adder-Tongue are half-sisters.
  18. Steal a handkerchief from one of the rooms in the Brothel. The only rooms where you can't find a handkerchief are Luis' and Kesai-Serris' rooms.
  19. Speak to Kesai-Serris. She denies being Ravel's daughter.
  20. Ask Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. She will tell you that their father is a great Cambion, and that Ravel is Kesai-Serris' mother.
  21. Return to Kesai-Serris and suggest that she speak to her father. She will do so and finally accept that Ravel is her mother. You can now ask her for a piece of herself. She will give you some of her blood on a handkerchief (along with 40,000 XP) if you have one in your inventory. You now have the portal key.
    (You can also kill Kesai-Serris for the Bloody Handkerchief if you have +2 weapons but this will create a lot of trouble with the rest of the Brothel turning hostile and a bunch of Harmonium guards showing up to attack you.)

With both portal and portal key you are ready to leave Sigil.

Checklist before leaving Sigil

Once you have found both the portal and the portal key, you can use them to reach Ravel's Maze. However, you will be gone from Sigil for a LONG time, so before leaving, you should do this:

About the Grimoire of Pestilential Thought

If you kill Mantouk in the Bones of the Night, he drops this book. You can speak to the book by using it from your Inventory screen. The book can help you by offering you advice and by granting you powers.

If you ask the book for advice, it will make a number of suggestions. Each piece of advice you get will make you more Evil.

If you ask the book for powers, it will teach you spells – at a price:

  1. First, you can give the book a drop of your blood for a Scroll of Blindness.
  2. Second, the book asks you to sell one of your companions into slavery. To do so, find the Curiosity Shoppe in Clerk's Ward and ask the proprietor, Vrischika, if she could use a slave. You can sell either Morte, Dak'kon, or Nordom as a slave. Speak to the book again for a Scroll of Adder's Kiss.
  3. Finally, the book asks you to betray one of your companions by killing them in single combat. Kill any companion, then speak to the book again for a Scroll of Power Word: Kill.

Needless to say, taking the powers is also Evil!

About Joining the Anarchists

In this act you will have the option of joining or at least befriending the Anarchists. You can not join the Anarchists if you turned in Vaxis the false Zombie back in the Mortuary. In order to join or befriend the Anarchists, you will have to perform some Chaotic and/or Evil acts.

To join the Anarchists:

  1. First you must join the Godsmen in the Foundry. How to do this is described on the Foundry page.
  2. Then speak to Bedai-Linn in the Foundry. Tell her you are not really happy as a Godsman, as you have come to realize it is an empty title. When asked, tell her you'd be willing to strike against the Godsmen.
  3. Bedai-Linn first asks you to destroy the machine the Godsmen are building in the Machine Room. Ask her about the machine's weak spots, then go to Keldor and ask for permission to see the secret project. He will give you a Godsman token.
  4. Go to the door to the Machine Room and show your token to the guards. They will let you enter.
  5. In the Machine Room, speak to the Githzerai Kel'lera and ask her about the weak spots on the machine. She will answer your question if Dak'kon is in your party and nearby.
  6. Click the firing device at the back end of the machine and choose the option to sabotage it. You will be transported out of the machine room and the machine will blow up.
  7. Return to Bedai-Linn for 8,000 XP. She now wants you to kill the Godsman factol Sandoz. Go to the top floor of the Foundry and kill him, then report back to Bedai-Linn for another 8,000 XP.
  8. Bedai-Linn now wants you to find her a disguise so she can sneak out of the Foundry. You can buy one from Nadilin in the main hall. Report back to Bedai-Linn for another 8,000 XP. A short cutscene follows in which you appear in the Lower Ward. Bedai-Linn leads you to the Warehouse. Ask her about joining the Revolutionary League and she will refer you to Scofflaw Penn, owner of the Print Shop.
  9. Enter the Print Shop and give him the password Bedai-Linn gave you ("The city must burn!"). If you didn't turn in Vaxis back at the Mortuary, Penn will ask you to prove yourself: You have to kill a Stone Genasi called Qui-Sai in the Civic Festhall. Do so (warning: After killing him you will be attacked by a group of Harmonium guards once you exit the Festhall to Clerk's Ward), then report back to Penn for 16,000 XP.
  10. Penn now refers you to the Warehouse. Go there and speak to Leena, giving her the password Penn gave you. She demands that you prove yourself by killing the Harmonium guard Vorten. He is standing in the Lower Ward at the entrance to the Alley of Lingering Sighs. Kill him, then report back to Leena for 8,000 XP.
  11. Leena will now accept you into the faction.

Once you have joined the Anarchists, you can buy items from Conall and rest at the Warehouse. Conall will sell you healing charms, some weapons (most notably Spiked Knuckles, Bone Dagger and Enchanted Punch Daggers), some scrolls, a Stinger Earring, and four different Anarchist Earrings. As an Anarchist you can also buy the Anarchist Tattoo from Fell's Tattoo Parlor.

As a member of the Anarchists you can join other factions as a spy, making it possible for you to be a member of several factions at the same time.

If you don't wish to become an Anarchist, you can still befriend them and rest at the Warehouse and buy items from Conall. Here's how:

  1. Buy a Lim-Lim back at the Hive Market.
  2. Go to the Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts in Clerk's Ward and seek out the prostitute Marissa. You will have to solve her quest to find her veil.
  3. After solving her quest, ask her if she can turn a Lim-Lim into stone. Have her do this for you.
  4. Go back to Giltspur in the Lower Ward and offer to sell him the Stone Lim-Lim. He offers you the password to the Warehouse in return.
  5. Go to the Warehouse and give the password to Leena. She demands that you prove yourself by killing Vorten. Exit to the Lower Ward, find Vorten, kill him, then return back to Leena. You can now rest here and buy items from Conall (though NOT the Anarchist Earrings) but you can't join other factions as a spy for the Anarchists, since you are not a member of the Revolutionary League.
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